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Aunty Rao
Aunty Rao is a middle aged compassionate woman who loves to help and care for people around her. She shares a wonderful relationship with her neighbours and is a source of knowledge on homely affairs, thus is loved and respected by all. Aunty Rao represents a character which is present in every Indian family and has a treasure called experience which she uses effectively to make a difference in people’s lives.

Fruits And Veggies Of Labour

The school’s have started and all the mommies around me are super busy!. The mornings are hard pressed and evenings are equally engaging with home work  and assignments. The moms, trying to juggle their lives with too many variables bring a smile to my lips . This phase of life is no doubt the most creative and innovative one. The ... Read More »

A Good Menu


Pihuʼs birthday has brought a lot of color to Nandiniʼs house. We are all gathered and sharing warm laughter at her abode. Nandini has done a stunning job in decorating the house with flower theme. The house has been oozing of flower power. There are fresh flowers, artificial flowers, flower cut outs on the wall and ceiling, pot pourri and ... Read More »


Mrs Khanna is up and about these days since her son and his family are visiting her from overseas. We are all gearing up for a celebration at Mrs. Khannaʼs residence on the weekend. The changing weather is my concern, everyone has been complaining about how all the kids have been falling sick. As I am engrossed in my thoughts, ... Read More »


Continuous knocking on the door made me run and open the door. ‘Good morning aunty’, said little Mohit with a beaming smile. ‘Hello Mohit and what are you carrying in your hands?’ I asked after noticing a small box which had some empty card board boxes and toilet paper holders. ‘As a part of my Environmental Studies project, I am ... Read More »



Its nice to have peace and quiet morning after a hectic yet beautiful and colorful festival period. Armed with my special jasmine green tea, I decide to sit in the balcony and reflect on the goings on in the past few days. It all started at a gathering at my home one afternoon at the beginning of the festive season ... Read More »


ʻGanapati Bappa….Moreya!!!ʼ….I heard little Kartikʼs voice in the corridor as I came back from the walk. He was giving the news to his other play mates that Lord Ganesha is coming to his home in a few days time. I could not help but smile at the enthusiasm of the children. It was indeed the start of the festival season. ... Read More »



When Aunty Rao sees kids falling sick, she comes out with her bag of home grown remedy to tackle the problem Its a beautiful sunday morning with lots of sunshine in this winter season. To sip coffee in the balcony would be the ideal thing to do. Its always a pleasure to see children playing in the play ground from ... Read More »

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