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Debbie Fox
Debbie Fox has practised as a feng shui consultant for the past fifteen years, in South Africa and overseas. she mainly works in Durban and Johannesburg and do a fair amount over the internet. Her clients are varied and include homes, businesses, hotels, health spas, farms, stables, shops such as restaurants and health shops etc within shopping centres, and she helps clients with the positioning and design of new buildings.In addition to the feng shui she checks the geopathic stress of the building. Geopathic stress is made up of ley lines, electromagnetic smog and other energies that don’t belong in the building and have a detrimental effect on our lives. Blocking these energies brings good health. My number is 0826780976 Email address Feng Shui The Energy Connection 0826780976


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 Modern medicine understands the body mind connection from the Placebo effect. The Placebo effect, in case you are not familiar with it, is when the pharmaceutical companies are testing a new drug on people and the one half of the group gets a placebo which is a sugar tablet and the other half gets the real drug being tested. In ... Read More »



The words Feng Shui loosely translated mean, wind and water which means that feng shui affects all aspects of our life. Wind representing the oxygen we breathe or the chi that enhances our lives and water without which we would also not exist it is the life blood of the planet and ourselves. Both of these elements make up the ... Read More »

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