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Dr Varma
Dr.Sajith Varma,B.A.M.S ( India) 0738998881/0742117358/+27 318222005



Psoriasis is a chronic disorder affecting the skin. Dr Varma explains how Ayurveda is able to tackle this ailment effectively PSORIASIS Psoriasis (pronounced with silent P) is a chronic disorder affecting Skin. Skin becomes thick, brownish red and start scaling. Patches may appear on legs and hands sometimes all over body with severe itching. Patients suffer social isolation due its ... Read More »

Arthritis – How Ayurveda Can Help


How can Ayurveda, The old age traditional herbal syatem of India help arthritis Patients? The approach in Ayurveda – for treatment of Arthritis is very much holistic and individualized depending on person’s constitution, Lifestyle, climatic conditions and many other factors What is possible by Ayurveda Treatment? Early stages of Osteo arthritis – complete cure as there are medications available to ... Read More »

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