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....offering a refreshingly CRISP vision for Indians with interest in Africa

Safety And Precautions In Africa


Travellers often ask whether or not it is safe to travel in Africa. All of us have been asked this question. This article gives important tips that travellers should find useful Travellers often ask whether or not it is safe to travel in Africa. Our response is a confident assurance that yes, it is safe. This is especially true if ... Read More »

All Forms of SARS

SARS (South African Revenue Services) have done lot of work to simplify taxation matters. Here we bring to you all the esentials that you need to know .. All Forms 2010 Individual Tax Season Mining and Tax Computation More… Accreditation SC-CF-06-A1 – Request For Information And Self-Assessment Customs – Accreditation Rule 64e More… Air Passenger Tax APT 101 Agents application for registration/cancellation ... Read More »


THE NEXT BUBBLE : M D RAMESH of Olam International has forwarded an interesting article by Pijush Das What happens when a country piles up huge forex reserves ? We had two instances in the past in which a country has amassed such large foreign reserves; the United States in the 1920s and Japan in the 1980s. The first time ... Read More »

IBSA meet Pretoria 2011

$25-billion India, Brazil, S Africa trade likely by 2015 Trade between India, Brazil and South Africa is set to grow to $25 billion by 2015, as the three key emerging economies have decided to remove non-trade barriers and improve maritime and air connectivity. Commerce ministers of the three countries, who met in Pretoria on 18th October 2011, also decided to ... Read More »

SPECIAL GUEST COLUMN: Diwali in South Africa by Devi Rajab

Our guest writer for the Inaugural issue of this News Letter - Devi Rajab, is internationally known and a high profile woman in South Africa. She is a recipient of numerous Awards, Human Rights Activist, Academic, Journalist, Psychologist, an all round astounding woman. In this article Devi explores important issues pertaining to Diwali… If it were not for a growing controversy around fireworks ... Read More »

From the Editor’s Desk

Namaste, Salaam-ale-kum, Sat-Sri-Akal, Vannakkam….. A few days back one of my dear friend Mr Mohan Nair suggested that we may start a community website of, for and by Indians residing or aspiring to reside in Africa. My thoughts took me back to school and college days when urge of writing and publishing a magazine used to be every student’s dream. ... Read More »

Celebrating the Festival of Triumph of Goodness

DIWALI is a bit of Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Fourth of July all rolled in one. This article gives you all the details you would like to read about…. If you rolled a bit of Christmas, New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July all into one, then catered the affair with mountains of sweets and savory snacks, you would ... Read More »



Why a newsmagazine? Why now? Mohan Nair explores the idea….. In an age of fast paced living, where days, months and years crash into each other leaving you breathless and wondering where all those years went by, 2011 is bound to be remembered for a long time to come. After all, it is the year that signalled creation of a ... Read More »


Eshaan Vij writes candidly about peer pressure and the need to find acceptance… Definition 1: “The act of being accepted or acceptable Acceptance is probably the most pressurizing aspect of a teenagers life. As a teenager our greatest fear is not being accepted into a society, most importantly by your peers and the opposite sex. We change and more importantly ... Read More »


Palmistry and Yoga mudras

Mudra’s refer to symbolic hand gestures or postures that provides amazing health benefits. Mr S. P. Dutta learnt about it himself after retirement and shares some of these simple , effective mudras for common ailments with us.. An imbalance of the five in the body leads to deceases. Different combination of fingers(elements) affect to body functioning by balancing. Thumb represents ... Read More »

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