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....offering a refreshingly CRISP vision for Indians with interest in Africa

Diamond in the Rough


Listen what successful businessmen, researchers and entrepreneurs have to say about opportunities and challenges of doing business in Mozambique a rising star in the world economy…Listen Now Manoj Sodhani, a qualified Chartered Accountant from India, first Landed in Mozambique in March 2004 and since then progressing along with ‘Rising Mozambique’ (to put it in his words). He has earlier worked ... Read More »


Our Contributors Indians4Africa Online ….offering a refreshingly CRISP vision for Indians with interest in Africa Compilation Of Readers Contribution As Newsletters are sent out every month, various readers send through articles as contributors which is often used in new Newsletter editions. Mohan Nair Mohan Nair is an entrepreneur based in Durban Devendra Sharma Devendra sharma: A senior banker presently CEO ... Read More »

Noble Peace Prize Winner’s

2011 Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Born: 29 October 1938, Monrovia, Liberia Residence at the time of the award: Liberia Prize motivation: “for their non-violent struggle for the safety of women and for women’s rights to full participation in peace-building work” Role: President of Liberia Field: Women’s rights, peace movement 2011 Leymah Gbowee Born: 1972 Residence at the time of the award: ... Read More »

Hsitory of International Women’s Day

Why: It is not about asserting the superiority of one gender over the other. It is not about petty quarrels about who gets to do the dishes after dinner. The United Nations instituted International Women’s Day to commemorate the contribution of women in the socio-political sphere as well as in global peace and security. History: International Women’s Day has been ... Read More »

March 8th: A Collective Birthday for Women all over the globe

Why an international day for women, when there’s none for men? Well, pretty much for the same reason that there is an international children’s day (14th November), though there is none for adults. The logic is simple. Putative benefits to those in the margins are necessary to keep the marginalised from rising. The second-classing of women and children in patriarchy ... Read More »

Breaking the Glass Ceiling


Here is what these ladies had to say on Breaking the GLASS CEILING Dr Dikshita Padalkar specialises in  Labour Economics from University of Mumbai.  She moved to South Africa in  year 2000, to accompany her expat husband. She now runs “Research Resources”, a  Durban based firm offering Economic Development Services across sectors. Anjli Shah studied at the University of Toronto, ... Read More »


self publishing

Fancy yourself a writer? Your dream of publishing a bestseller no longer begins and ends with a Publisher. Here’s how to self-publish an e-book on your own terms. The Hardest part of self-publishing a book in any form is actually writing it, but once your manuscript is completed and proofread you can self-publish electronically in just 6-steps. Step 1: Choose ... Read More »



“BLOOD, TOIL, TEARS AND SWEAT” -  AND THE LIE OF THE VICTORS   A REVIEW OF MADHUSREE MUKERJEE’S  CHURCHILL’S SECRET WAR – The British Empire and the Ravaging of India during World War II Churchill is extolled as  one of the greatest figures of the 20th century. The  name “Churchill”  immediately conjures up images of a larger-than-life figure, of heroism ... Read More »

Indian Expatriate view

Ronnie Kapoor

Ronnie Kapoor left new Delhi 16 years ago and he came to South Africa to Start his Own Textile Business ….16 years later he is now one of the biggest suppliers to the Biggest brands in South Africa Listen to what he had to say about his time in Cape Town.     …Listen Now Read More »

FEATURE-INS Delhi and INS Deepak Captin Interview

The Simon’s Town naval harbour has been busy with visiting vessels over the past few weeks. We had visits from Uruguayan and the Argentinian navy and now have two Indian navy boats, the INS Delhi and INS Deepak, in the harbor. The I4a Team Got a Exclusive Interview with the Captin of both the INS Deepak and The INS Delhi…. …Click ... Read More »

Religious sites in Cape Town

Groote Kerk Church-SA’s Oldest Church When the Dutch East India Company sent Jan van Riebeeck to start a Dutch settlement at the Cape of Good Hope in 1652, most of the company’s employees were members of the Nederlandse Hervormde Kerk. At first there were no ordained ministers from the church in the Netherlands, to exercise pastoral care, but only a ... Read More »

Historical Facts about Cape Town

The history of Cape Town prior to European settlement is somewhat unclear. The region’s earliest archaeological artefacts, discovered in Fish Hoek’s Peers Cave, are believed to be up to 15,000 years old. Written history begins in 1486, when Bartolomeu Dias, an accomplished Portuguese sailor and explorer, made his first remarks about the area as he became the earliest European to ... Read More »

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