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MD Ramesh
Mr Moochikal (Ramesh) has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and Masters in Business from University of Bombay and XLRI Respectively. Ramesh has established a distinguished career in the Agri/Food Commodities sector in Africa for the past 20 years. He has lived and worked extensively throughout Africa and is currently responsible for Southern and Eastern African operations. MDR has worked close to farmer groups, worked alongside government programs, set up and run logistics, processing operations and distribution structures in African markets. He is often consulted by banks, government structures, NPO's and by businesses. MDR lives in Durban with his wife and 2 daughters and enjoys weekend Squash and Cricket.

The Lighter Side Of Doing Business In Africa

  Ghana is considered by many experts, to be the producer of the best quality cocoa bean in the world. Large chocolate companies like Cadbury’s in fact position some of their chocolate brands as having been manufactured from the premium Ghanaian cocoa. Such is the power of the acknowledgement of quality for the cocoa bean from that country. Unlike most ... Read More »

Editor’s Peek – M D Ramesh

Even as speculations run abound about the capacity of the planet to feed itself a few years from now and stories from responsible quarters questioning the sufficiency of fresh water over the next 20 years, we are blessed to live on a highly gifted yet unexploited part of the world. This continent, for long tagged as the Dark Continent, owns ... Read More »

Business In Kenya

Ramesh : Good afternoon, Mr Kaushik. Thank you for joining me to discuss few aspects of doing business in Kenya. Kaushik : Good afternoon! Ramesh : Based on your vast experience in working in Kenya, please tell us what is the Government approach towards the business community in general. Kaushik : The Government is supportive of developing business in the manufacturing ... Read More »

Africa in the Global Crisis and Trade Dis-Order

MD Ramesh forwarded this insightful report on Africa in the Global Crisis and Trade Dis-Order The Evian Group and the German Marshall Fund convened a two-day meeting at IMD, Lausanne, with the aim of getting the measure of some of Africa’s prime concerns in a rapidly changing world economic context. This multi-stakeholder meeting – attended by North American, European and ... Read More »

Branding Africa

branding Africa

M D Ramesh forwarded an excellent study that analyzises the potential of changing global perception of Africa into something positive The topic revolved around the current global perception of Africa and the potential to change this perception into something positive. Prior to preparing the presentation Interbrand Sampson researched the issue. Can Africa really be branded; well in reality anything can ... Read More »

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