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Author Archives: Munshi Premchand

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Munshi Premchand
(July 31, 1880 – October 8, 1936) is regarded as one of the foremost Hindi-Urdu writers of the early twentieth century. Born as Dhanpat Rai, better known by his pseudonym Munshi Premchand, ushered a new era in Hindi and Urdu literature with his writings. The writer is mainly recognized for his creations that always contained a social message and raised voice against the social evils pertaining in the Indian society. His creations brought the era of realism in the Indian literature at that time, when only fantasy fictions and religious writings were dominating it. Premchand embodied the social purpose and social criticism in his characters that are subjected to the different circumstances and act accordingly. The great novelist is ranked among the greatest authors of the 20th century in India.



Abhilasha - Click To Listen  Listen to another moving story by the great Munshi Premchand, read by Nidhee Datta Nidhee Datta, a graduate in Bachelors of Home Science, has been actively involved with her school and college magazines. She is an ardent reader and has been in Africa for more than a decade. She has been a part of organisations that promote ... Read More »

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