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Author Archives: Amitabh Mitra

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Amitabh Mitra
Dr Amitabh Mitra is a surgeon by profession and is based in East London. He is also a well known poet and a painter. Unbreaking The Rainbow - the latest anthology of struggle poems is also his brain child.

Irom- A lifetime of courage and fortitude.

  For Irom they stabbed a sun legally a multiple times dragged another sky in chains declared guilty legally and thrown in a cell horizons cowered in shame and shamelessness outside dogs barked and quarreled indecisively the Generals continued sipping scotch on such sky less evenings at Imphal Amitabh Mitra Read More »


Anthology of passionate poetries by women under 30 years of age about New Delhi Editorial by Semeen Ali Delhi – a city described as home to everyone yet belonging to no one. A city that has the ability to make one feel innumerable emotions simultaneously is a rarity. I came to live in this city ten years ago and never ... Read More »

Acrylic on Canvas

Arunachal is a place. I stood still as much as time that never moved. I breathed, I held on to skies that arrives there only to rest in brief interludes. China was just a finger breadth away. I remembered Ha in Bhutan. Beneath me were many such skies and many such suns. There were whispers all around. Petals of your ... Read More »

Art By Amitabh Mitra


Amitabh Mitra is an artist, poet, publisher and a medical doctor based in East London, South Africa. He heads the Accident and Emergency Department of Cecilia Makiwane Hospital in Mdantsane. Author of six books of Poems, Amitabh has exhibited his Poetry/Art in South Africa, India and the UK.   Anne Bryant Old Delhi Shopping Remembering Transkei Transkei Bow Barracks Read More »


CLICK THE LINK TO LISTEN – amitabh.mitra interview final An interview with Dr. Amitabh Mitra, the many varied lives he leads, treating extremes of physical trauma and sexual assault at a global level and writing love poetry, creating art on his huge canvases and publishing Southern African Poets are his passion Read More »

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