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Sumit Banerjee
"By profession, Sumit is a corporate junkie with all necessary qualifications to stay aloft the ladder. He enjoys reading, travelling and creative writing immensely. He is a golf-crazy foodie as well, who enjoys exploring great food joints, among other things. He is also a reluctant cook whose culinary experiments often turn topsyturvy - resulting in some write-ups that make the readers double over with laughter, though the cook finds it difficult to swallow the food"

Dilli-Book Review

I did not have the opportunity of speaking with anyone who used to live in Calcutta when the capital of today’s largest democracy in the world was shifted from the same city to New Delhi in 1911. Therefore, I can only guess that the residents of Calcutta must have felt sad being deprived of the privilege of living in the ... Read More »


The boat passes through the creek – once from this side in the early evening, and then from the other side in the early night. This is how one of the residents of a small house on the bank of the Mombasa Creek narrated to me about the boat that carried few people who wined, dined, jazzed and danced through ... Read More »

The French Food in Abidjan

As I approached the entrance of the so-called guest house, the driveway presented itself in a self-determiningly subtle but conspicuous manner. There were two lines drawn parallelly on the reddish soil of the earth – the width of those two lines barely enough to fit the perimeter of car tyres, and the lines were made out of two inches square ... Read More »


“Hello”, I said, as I picked up the incoming phone in the office. “Abaar gaan”, I heard a male voice from the other side. What’s this? I almost jumped off my chair. Thousands of kilometers away in a different continent, I am hearing a male voice, albeit with a strange pronunciation, uttering two words in my mother tongue that would ... Read More »


What is education, I wonder!  Is it learning, or information gathering – about the world, about one’s surroundings, about the ‘self’?  Who educates us?  Why do we educate others?  What does education bring into my life? I can’t simply stop wondering.  And another word kept nagging and crept stealthily inside my mind – knowledge!  Do we seek knowledge through education!  ... Read More »

Editorial march 2013

On that day, I was in a meeting with four people discussing women’s issues in general. Subsequently, when I was reporting this to her, I tried to be a bit dramatic and said that all others in the meeting excepting me were wearing women’s dresses. She was an activist in development sector and working, among other fields, on women’s issues. ... Read More »

Letter From The editor

February 2013 has not necessarily been a very bright month. Much of the month has been spent in India in shock, followed by outrage and protests, regarding the brutal gang rape and subsequent death of a 23-year old young woman in the national capital, New Delhi. South Africa also ended the month on a note of horror with the iconic ... Read More »



It was about thirty minutes before mid-night and they were on their way back home – nay, trying to find their way back home. There was an elaborate spread of tasty Indian food [ veggie though   ] at one of colleagues’ places, more particularly consumed aside a couple of glasses of beautiful wine following three scores of a can’t-leave-come-what-may aperitif. The ... Read More »


The Man lands in African soil for the first time in his life on a Saturday evening. Exotic topography and locale, uncertainties of what he heard people referring to as a ‘dark continent’, long hours of flight, unknown work environment and of course, the realization of being suddenly thrown into a distance of thousands of miles from the family …. ... Read More »


Sharmaji – that’s how he was called by most of the people. After I met him for a few occasions, I found the ‘ji’ after surname quite boring. Choosing to be different, I found him once in a golf course hiting a ball straight (for a change !), and in a sense of applause, patted him with these words – ... Read More »



When it is not blue, it is not red – at least, not necessarily. Our teen-days were different, though. Red. Those were red days. Tea from the roadside stall was red. The sun while peeping through the east horizon, was red. Roses in the garden of rich neighbour were red. And, of course, the flags were red. You just cannot ... Read More »



  THE YELLOW TAIL - Yellow Tail, I said. - She said, babbah…. - I asked, what does ‘babbah …’ mean. There was no reply. - Hello, I wrote. - Silence. - Hel-oooooo, I wrote again. No reply, still. Uphhhh….., dumb woman – I typed, but waited without hitting the ‘send’ button. - On the top left hand side of ... Read More »

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