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Author Archives: Walid and Myriam

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Walid and Myriam
Myriam is a lawyer with a passion for food, new tastes and travels. Walid is a businessman involved in the shipping industry and founded Tam Tam in 1998 as he wanted to create a restaurant and treat guests in a manner that he himself would like to be treated when dinning at a restaurant. Walid first met Myriam at Tam Tam. He was, at that time, the fresh owner, trying his best, at 30 years of age, to make the place trendy and successful. Together they were instrumental in making Tam Tam what it is today.


  Tunisian Republic is the northernmost country in Africa .The cuisine of Tunisia is a blend of Mediterranean and desert dwellers’ culinary traditions. Its distinctive spicy fieriness comes from neighboring Mediterranean countries and the many civilizations which have ruled the land now known as Tunisia: Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Turkish, French, and the native Berber people. Many of the cooking styles ... Read More »

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