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Business In Kenya

Ramesh : Good afternoon, Mr Kaushik. Thank you for joining me to discuss few aspects of doing business in Kenya. Kaushik : Good afternoon! Ramesh : Based on your vast experience in working in Kenya, please tell us what is the Government approach towards the business community in general. Kaushik : The Government is supportive of developing business in the manufacturing ... Read More »

‘Against All Odds,We will Flourish’- Doing Business in Eastern cape


Listen what successful businessmen, entrepreneurs and educators have to say about opportunities and challenges of doing business in Eastern Cape. How the region is coping despite various constraints of labour, skills, capital and regulations.  Listen Now Avijit is the Managing Director & CEO of  EverReady Pty Ltd . He is based in Port Elizabeth and has been living there for ... Read More »

Run a Business in Africa


Africa has a large sector for growth and development listen to what the I4A contributor’s had to say about this topic Listen now Kunal Vadgama was born in Kenya and relocated to Durban, South Africa, in 2004 to further her academic career. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Business Science majoring in Economics and Finance and thereafter read for her ... Read More »

Diamond in the Rough


Listen what successful businessmen, researchers and entrepreneurs have to say about opportunities and challenges of doing business in Mozambique a rising star in the world economy…Listen Now Manoj Sodhani, a qualified Chartered Accountant from India, first Landed in Mozambique in March 2004 and since then progressing along with ‘Rising Mozambique’ (to put it in his words). He has earlier worked ... Read More »



Click here to listen to the Jugaad Discussion Use Jugaad to Innovate Faster, Cheaper, Better We recently attended the World Economic Forum’s India Economic Summit 2011  on the topic of innovation. The experience gave us some insights into a unique approach to innovation called jugaad, which entrepreneurs and enterprises are practicing in complex emerging markets like India. Jugaad is a ... Read More »

India South Africa Business Forum (ISABF)


The india South Africa Business Forum USABF) is being launched in Durban on 29 March 2012 with its objectives to stimulate the business between South Africa and India                                      The india South Africa Business Forum USABF) is being launched in Durban on 29 March 2012  with its objectives to stimulate the business between South Africa and India. This Forum ... Read More »

Is The World Getting Better Or Worse?

view video A few weeks ago, I was at a high-level mastermind with several successful business owners and entrepreneurs.   I happened to be sitting next to a special guest, who got up and gave a presentation that absolutely blew me away. Now, I see a LOT of speakers — but this guy was different. Unlike any speaker I had ... Read More »

India & The Economic Crises

A passionate article re-asserting India’s role in the current global economic crises It is important to recognise that the dominance of the West has been there only for last 200-and-odd years. According to Angus Maddison’s pioneering OECD study, India and China had nearly 50 percent of global GDP as late as the 1820s. Hence India and China are not emerging ... Read More »

Africa in the Global Crisis and Trade Dis-Order

MD Ramesh forwarded this insightful report on Africa in the Global Crisis and Trade Dis-Order The Evian Group and the German Marshall Fund convened a two-day meeting at IMD, Lausanne, with the aim of getting the measure of some of Africa’s prime concerns in a rapidly changing world economic context. This multi-stakeholder meeting – attended by North American, European and ... Read More »

Why deflation is worse than inflation

Wouldn’t it be nice if prices of products actually fell instead of rising? For many of us in India who have been facing the brunt of galloping prices over the past several months, this would seem clearly welcome.  But much as we may like to pay less, a sustained decline in prices, deflation, may not be in our best interests. ... Read More »

Setting up business in South Africa


Aap ka South Africa mein business hai? It’s the question now regularly being asked amoung businessmen and executives in India ATUL PADALKAR explores… A few years ago, the talk in corporate boardrooms in Europe and America was the newly opened territories of India and China. Like old wives tales, CEOs used to exchange notes sometimes sweet, sometimes funny with their colleagues ... Read More »

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