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I Want to be Somebody


“I Want To Be Somebody!” — This remarkable anthology of children’s stories by famed Mozambican writer Paulina Chiziane chronicles the hopes, fears, and dreams of children living with HIV in Mozambique Read Now Read More »

Short Story by Ananya Mukherjee

Ananya right pic

“Sir” It is impossible that you could miss him in a crowd. And had Shokhanaath Sikdar ever shared a first-class compartment on a long-distance Kolkata-bound train of the Indian Railways with Ray’s Lal Mohan Ganguly, I am convinced the latter would have definitely wanted to “cultivate” Mr Sikdar. Though almost separated-at-birth-twins with Mr Ganguly, the resemblance further accentuated by accessories ... Read More »


book 2

A heart touching story written by Alka Sinha, about a womam who has forgotten her name while addressing her duties as a freedom fright, wife, mother and now grand mother CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO LISTEN Hindi Short Story – Apoorna Read More »



When it is not blue, it is not red – at least, not necessarily. Our teen-days were different, though. Red. Those were red days. Tea from the roadside stall was red. The sun while peeping through the east horizon, was red. Roses in the garden of rich neighbour were red. And, of course, the flags were red. You just cannot ... Read More »


book 2

A short story by ‘Gulzar’ depicts how narrow minded religious fanatics can destroy the harmony of the society at large and pave way for differences and hatred…. CLICK ON THE LINK TO LISTEN  -   Dhuaan         Read More »


book 2

AIDS - Click To Listen This heart rending story of AIDS in India is written by William Dalrymple, and read by Ambika Vij. Ambika is an artist, a marketing executive , mother, housewife and of course she has a great love for good literature.     Read More »


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A very beautiful story of a young mother written by the acclaimed editor(Ananya Mukherjee) of  HRM Asia. Thanks M D Ramesh for forwarding In the beginning, there was just nothing; only a vast expanse of deep aquamarine, ripples and floating shadows of abundant liquid exuberance. The ocean floor danced in a magnetic slow motion, caressing the tip of pale pink ... Read More »



Abhilasha - Click To Listen  Listen to another moving story by the great Munshi Premchand, read by Nidhee Datta Nidhee Datta, a graduate in Bachelors of Home Science, has been actively involved with her school and college magazines. She is an ardent reader and has been in Africa for more than a decade. She has been a part of organisations that promote ... Read More »



  THE YELLOW TAIL - Yellow Tail, I said. - She said, babbah…. - I asked, what does ‘babbah …’ mean. There was no reply. - Hello, I wrote. - Silence. - Hel-oooooo, I wrote again. No reply, still. Uphhhh….., dumb woman – I typed, but waited without hitting the ‘send’ button. - On the top left hand side of ... Read More »



A short story that won the Nadine Gordimer award By Dr Deena Padayachee  The shebeen was full of raucous people having a great old time. But Satha noticed that his friend Muthu didn’t look too happy.  The old man had come into the shebeen a few minutes before and simply plopped down into a chair. He had taken his first drink ... Read More »


book 2

The half stitched garment lying in front of me gave me a promising look. I knew it could be better if I put a little more attention to the detail. The last garment stitched by me also gave a promising look but it had failed to get me the highest marks in my Clothing and Textile class of my sophomore ... Read More »

The Incredible Story Of BAISAKHI

book 2

Baisakhi or Vaisakhi Festival is harvest festival that originated in Punjab. It is celebrated as the Sikh New Year. History of Baisakhi traces its origin from the Baisakhi Day celebrations of 1699 organized by the Tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh to form Khalsa – Brotherhood of Saint Soldiers to fight against tyranny and oppression. Story of Baisakhi The story of Baisakhi ... Read More »

The Day He said “Bye Mumma!”

book 2

   Co-Editor Of Indians4Africa Megha Lodha Katariya recounts her own experience of her son’s  Starting school was a big day in our lives and I guess all the more when it’s your first born and only one. I think some of us, these days take parenting very seriously – I do! He was just two and a half years old ... Read More »

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