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Republic of Benin is ex French colony that gained full independence on the 1st of August 1960.  The economy of Benin is largely dependent on subsistence agriculture, cotton production, and regional trade. Having a giant economy like Nigeria as it’s neighbour is a big help.
Economy of Benin is an underdeveloped economy. It is heavily dependent upon subsistence agriculture and cotton. The GDP of the country in 2008 was $6.94 billion, while its GDP per capita was $1,500. Services sector accounts for 52.3% of the GDP, followed by agriculture: 33.2%, and industry: 14.5%. 37.4% of the population lives below poverty line. Major industries are textiles, processed food, construction materials, and cement. Major trade flows are with China, India, Niger, Togo, Nigeria, Belgium, France, Thailand, Malaysia, and United States.
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POPULATION: 8.5 million approx
CAPITAL : Porto-Novo
CURRENCY West African Franc


Things to do in Benin:

1.Musee Honme (Palais Royal)
2. da Silva Museum
3.Ethnographique Museum of Porto Novo
4. Marche Dantokpa
5. Artisanal Center
6. Fidjrosse Beach
7. Coco Cocktail

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