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Eastern Cape Editorial

Eastern Cape Editorial
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Calling a region the Eastern Cape in a country that is in the southern part of Africa is somewhat intriguing – that was the first thought. But the fact is that the Eastern Cape is one of the provinces in South Africa. And, when I travelled this region, it was exciting to see what was there on offer from the nature and the residents, for me and other visitors to this place. Many of the respondents we communicated with confirmed that they wanted to continue living in the Eastern Cape for its sunshine, sea-shore, wind and the warmth. You will find such comments and sentiments echoing through the eZine.

A region that boasts of such a high level of penetration in art, culture and creative aspects can be the Eastern Cape. I am sure you will enjoy the art work by distinguished residents of this region. Socio-cultural activities of distant land like India are upheld strongly that can be visible with the grand celebration of Onam festival. We are particularly glad that we have been able to meet people from the Eastern Cape who eagerly supported us in bringing out this edition by way of providing information, participating in discussions and communicating with one another to ensure that the region is properly reflected in our eZine. Enjoy the Eastern Cape in South Africa.

I welcome readers and the members of our audience to please let us know your comments on the effort we put in month after month. Please also share with us your actions and thoughts by way of your contributions through literary/creative medium, photography, podcasts or just your comments.

Till we catch up again,

Eastern Cape Editorial
0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)

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