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Editor’s Peek – Shaila Sam

Editor’s Peek – Shaila Sam
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Shaila would like to call herself a perceptive communication professional who has been successful in understanding the pulse of her target audience while crafting a message!  A career communication and marketing person, she enjoys writing, painting, poetry, traveling, cooking and meeting people.  She is passionate about conservation of nature, wildlife, gender and child related issues. She has held senior positions in the communication sector in India.

Shaila has joined i4a’s core team with the objective of making this portal a widely favored medium amongst all the Indians living and are interested in Africa. She will surely bring in her core competency to create content that will throw light on the multi faceted role played by Indians in the African continent.

A new entrant in Africa, Shaila is currently based in Durban with her family

Editor’s Peek – Shaila Sam
0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)

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