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IT driven Education &  Role of the Tablet Device

IT driven Education & Role of the Tablet Device

IT driven Education & Role of the Tablet Device
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Like other fields too, the future of education and learning will be intertwined with technology. Technology will bring innovations in education and will make learning more interesting and interactive.

Learning will move beyond the classroom and can be accessed from everywhere and anytime. Teachers can be hundreds of miles away but can still teach and interact with students. Indeed such innovations in education will soon become the norm.

 Let us take the example of the tablet and its impact on education. The implementation of ICT in education and integration of modern technology tools like tablets have provided a new way of imparting education today. Adaptability to new techniques, though still in its early days, will give long term benefits to educational institutions associated with it. While governments can even be trendsetters it is really upon the educational institutions also to adapt to newer technologies. Depending on the growth of the education system and the level of comfort it is ready to build with technology, devices like the tablet are well in the race to revolutionize the sector.

Tablets are now being perceived as the perfect piece to complete the puzzle for technology driven education with its incredible – easy to master user interface and the familiarity that it brings to the internet savvy students and young would be professionals. Moving on from laptops & desktops this innovation has now become a rage in the field of education with its capability of storing vast educational content in a multimedia format and in a single hardware device apart from being of course extremely mobile.

 HCL Infosystems apart from its rich heritage as a long standing ICT company, today it has a strong presence in the education space with its division, HCL Learning. Unlike most of the new players offering applications and content on the tablet, HCL Learning’s latest innovation – the MyEduTab that offers an education eco system on cloud for students, institutions and education administrators. MyEduTab is really learning on the move.

 HCL Learning recently launched two new versions of the MyEduTab with K12 & Higher Education content respectively. The learning eco system created by HCL’s education tablet along with the innovative applications will enable students, teachers & parents to connect, collaborate and share information as well as content over cloud. It aims at personalized learning while helping the students to understand concepts at their own pace.  With a topic revision application and a self assessment engine on MyEduTab, students can self evaluate their skills and knowledge and even enable parents to monitor their ward’s progress in an easy and convenient manner. In addition to this, the Higher Education version is an edutainment platform which brings together world class rich multimedia content on technical and professional skills, assessments and applications. This technology will enable networking and collaboration for an all round development and employability enhancement for students.

HCL Learning has seen a strong interest amongst various educational institutes in India for adopting MyEduTab as a part of their learning ecosystem. Currently the process of partnering with more than 30 institutes for the education Tablet has already begun.
Tablets might well be on its way to replace the heavy school bag. The government has also identified this product as an essential element in transforming the way education is and will be imparted in schools and colleges in India.

One of the important elements to be evaluated before adoption of devices like the Tablets for students is whether the Tablet is part of the overall learning ecosystem. The Tablet will have to be a smart device with the right content and features and has to be seen as a solution that fits in perfectly in the ecosystem. It has to be a technology enabler for imparting education and should engage the teacher, student, parent and even the management team of the educational institute. Apart from this, training of all the stakeholders to optimally use the device is also needed.

By Tanay Gogoi – HCL.

IT driven Education & Role of the Tablet Device
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