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See thru Technologies

See thru Technologies

See thru Technologies
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Have you ever had an embarrassing photo taken of you? Don’t you hate it when someone takes a snap of you when you aren’t looking? Well, if you think how difficult it is to avoid these moments, you have not seen anything yet.

Researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas said that they have developed an imager chip, which could turn mobile phones into devices that can see through walls and other solid objects. The research team found that a particular range in the electromagnetic spectrum when used with microchip technology could help see through solid objects. This “see through” technological breakthrough is dubbed the ‘x-ray chip’.

We can already have multiple uses of the electromagnetic spectrum: kitchen microwaves, AM and FM radio, and infrared cameras and goggles for seeing in the dark. For the purpose of seeing through solid objects, the research team used waves in the “terahertz” range.

Aside from looking through walls, the chip has a number of beneficial uses. In the business field, it can be used to authenticate documents, banks can check for counterfeit money and the list goes on. Doctors can also take advantage of this new technology to detect cancer, tumours and, believe it or not, the toxicity levels in the air.

Apart from x-ray purposes, the terahertz range can be used for communication. There are much more channels available in terahertz than the wireless range we use today. With the functionality of looking through walls, checking for counterfeit money, finding evidence of cancer cells and expanding the range of information we can share, the terahertz range and the technology that comes with it will soon become a useful tool in our lives.

But, you need not worry about this new piece of technology catching you in your worst photo moment – it has a limit of four inches for the x-ray tool! So, for now, you are safe behind a wall or within your clothes!

By Gamesh Sivamani

See thru Technologies
0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)

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