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The words Feng Shui loosely translated mean, wind and water which means that feng shui affects all aspects of our life. Wind representing the oxygen we breathe or the chi that enhances our lives and water without which we would also not exist it is the life blood of the planet and ourselves.

Both of these elements make up the planet Earth and create environment in which we live. Both are vital and influence our lives at every turn, and the practice of feng shui is the judicious balancing and enhancing the directional flow of earth and heavenly chi or energy which is vital if we are to create harmony health and good fortune in our lives.

Feng shui is practiced in most Asian countries except India which has its own form of balancing energy, Vastu. Vastu has the same aim as feng shui which is to balance the energies and create harmony and good fortune for the inhabitants of buildings, although they come from a different way of doing things both practices, feng shui and Vastu seem to arrive at the same answers in many cases. I suppose truth is truth, no matter what road you take.

Feng shui is said to be over three thousand years old, and in the old days practiced by the revered and often feared feng shui masters who were affiliated to the emperors of the time. These feng shui masters ensured the victories of the emperors and thus were deemed very powerful and because of this tended to lost their heads a good deal of the time because the emperor was worried a rival would get help from him to overthrow him!

In modern times, it is the modern emperor, the businessman, who now employees the feng shui master to ensure that his business prospers more than his competitors do. Thank goodness they don’t kill the feng shui masters these days. Not quite the done thing.

Most buildings in Hong Kong, Singapore and many other large Asian cities do not get off the ground unless a feng shui master has approved the plans and office staff tend to not want to work in a building that has not been feng shuied. Because of this attention to the energy flow for prosperity and good fortune, I tend to think that is one of the main reasons these countries dominant world business today.

In our own homes and businesses, it is possible to employ very same simple principles to ensure that we too can benefit from these ancient practices. The introduction of simple feng shui enhancements into a failing business has turned the business into a profitable one or has improved a home environment to bring in health harmony and prosperity.

A part of the basic philosophy of feng shui called the three luck principle. These principles are: Heaven luck, which is your karma, your fortune or astrology or what you chose to come here to do on this planet.

Man luck is what you do with what you have been given in your karma or astrology, how you handle your life path your talents, good and bad fortune . Earth luck is the feng shui of the building you live or work in.

Just to qualify the above, with regard to astrology and karma, we are obviously affected by global karma, country karma and family karma etc, but in our own lives we have a modicum of leeway to help us with our lives.

The same goes with Man luck, if our motivation is to live the life of a good, kind and compassionate person, who is willing to take responsibility for their actions, then our lives can change without the earth luck being such a huge issue in our lives.

To give you an example of how the three lucks operate together just say you have good luck coming (karma) and you handle it well (man luck) but your feng shui (earth luck) is a bit dodgy then you will get the good luck, but maybe not as much as you had coming to you. Conversely, if your feng shui is good, it is said, you will get the good luck in full measure and possibly a little more.

The same goes with bad luck (karma), we all have bad luck coming to us from our karma, if we handle it well (man luck) but the feng shui (earth luck) is not as good as it could be, you get your bad luck in full. However, if the feng shui is good, it is said that you will get just what is coming or possibly a little less. (because your building has been balanced so that the ‘difficult energy’ is not as strong as it could be when not balanced.)

The practice of feng shui, employs simple adjustments, such as sound, light, movement, water, specific colours and the absence of clutter, the good use of space to allow energy to move freely through a building, clean air and healthy plants and if possible views and open areas outside the building with trees and grass.

Today’s article is more of an overview of the subject of feng shui, future articles will add in simple suggestions for ‘cures’ or ways to enhance our homes and businesses.

An example of a cure is: avoid having mirrors in your bedroom facing the bed. One of the reasons is that if you can see yourself in the mirror whilst lying in bed it doubles the amount of people in the bed in other words can open the door to affairs. (I have seen this by the way) the other is old Chinese folk law that says when we sleep at night our spirit leaves our body to wonder around and when we come back to bed if there is a mirror and we see ourselves in it, we get a fright which isn’t good for us. on a practical level mirrors are used to reflect and bring in light and a bedroom is for resting peace and deep sleep, so a mirror makes it busy and not conducive to sleep. Feng shui is a most fascinating subject and can enhance life tremendously and I look forward to sharing more of its wonderful secrets with you.

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About Debbie Fox

Debbie Fox
Debbie Fox has practised as a feng shui consultant for the past fifteen years, in South Africa and overseas. she mainly works in Durban and Johannesburg and do a fair amount over the internet. Her clients are varied and include homes, businesses, hotels, health spas, farms, stables, shops such as restaurants and health shops etc within shopping centres, and she helps clients with the positioning and design of new buildings.In addition to the feng shui she checks the geopathic stress of the building. Geopathic stress is made up of ley lines, electromagnetic smog and other energies that don’t belong in the building and have a detrimental effect on our lives. Blocking these energies brings good health. My number is 0826780976 Email address Feng Shui The Energy Connection 0826780976

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