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 Modern medicine understands the body mind connection from the Placebo effect. The Placebo effect, in case you are not familiar with it, is when the pharmaceutical companies are testing a new drug on people and the one half of the group gets a placebo which is a sugar tablet and the other half gets the real drug being tested. In a huge number of cases, the placebo group will get well or recover from the illness just as the group which gets the ‘REAL’ drug.

This in a scientific way confirms the body, mind connection, in other words if you believe it, your body will respond. How many people have had spontaneous recoveries because they believed they would recover and get better, the list is endless. But what if you didn’t know what you believed, what if something that you believed was an unconscious belief, what if an incident when you were small creates a belief that now runs your life but from an unconscious perspective and what if that belief, that you didn’t even know you had or held was making you sick, how do you clear that belief when you don’t know it is there anyway? If you would like to explore this further please read, Candice Pert(a neuroscientist) who has proven this in her book Molecules of Emotions.

Ninety five percent of our beliefs and actions come from the unconscious and we tend to operate from this ninety five percent, saying well this is how i am or how i do things’. We tend to follow what our  parents taught us through imprinting. What if there was a way to access the unconscious and find the belief that was causing the problem, dissolve it so that you could recover.

Alternative medicine offers this possibility by accessing the innate or natural wisdom that every organism on this planet has. You don’t tell your body to heal a cut, it does it, you don’t tell your body to grow the baby or tell how many beats your heart must take or how to digest your food, it does it naturally. Animals are much closer to their innate selves, you must have heard that in the tsunami in Thailand not one animal was drowned, the innate self told them to move to higher ground. This is where energy medicine comes into its own; through muscle testing a well known technique of kinesiology’, the muscles respond to the truth or a lie. Muscle testing is very similar to a lie detector machine, so should you get caught by the police for murdering the annoying neighbour, they will put you onto a lie detector machine and it will find out if you did it and it is almost impossible to beat the machine.



The Bodytalk practitioner can muscle test the body, connect with the innate of the body, and be guided into restoring the synchronization of the unique body-mind complex by connecting and finding what is behind the particular illness disease or pattern of behaviour and the body will repair itself. Chris Lowe, a Durban based practitioner says One size fits all doesn’t apply to the body, each person has their own story and this story will shape and affect their lives and don’t get me started on the innate of the  body. It is truly a miracle, this deep natural guiding force of the body, regulates the physical, mental and emotional systems of the body which are totally interdependent on one another. By accessing this vital system, healing can occur on all levels. For example, a client of mine was concerned as he had had several relationships which had all ended badly and he finally realised that there must be something he was not seeing or did not know about himself. He came to me to help him, to change the underlying pattern and belief behind this behaviour that he had unconsciously created.

Chris explains some of the dynamics behind how we are affected in our lives: “What we know of the energy of the body is that the foetus is acutely aware of the mothers and fathers feelings, emotions and all that is going on in their daily lives. The foetus experiences the same chemical changes in their bodies as the parents are experiencing and can hear what is going on that is why it is good to play good soft music to calm the baby.” In the case of Mr Jones (not his real name) his father didn’t want to have anything to do with him and he was not present or supportive at his birth and he felt cheated in life. So he had this anger right from when he was in the womb towards his father.

He developed a belief that” I will always be let down in life”, and this is exactly what happened. This belief was like a program in his body-mind and he kept re-creating the scenario where he was being let down in relationships by different partners with the same result. As we all know if you believe it, you create it. During the Bodytalk session the energetic charge around this belief was released. He had no idea of what was ‘playing in the background’ in his subconscious mind and why this was a recurring pattern. His innate intelligence allowed this information to surface and to be released so that he can move forward to a different type of relationship. Chris went on to say “can you imagine how many unconscious things are submerged in the unconscious that cause us difficulties in our lives. Particularly if you have had a very difficult childhood, it is really worth clearing the ‘baggage’ so that it doesnt manifest later as an illness or  neuroses.” She continued, “An example of background beliefs causing problems; a lady came in with a lifelong problem of headaches and after one session which helped her body to restore balance, release the unconscious beliefs, she never had a headache again. Another lady (a doctor) had to have a shoulder operation and after a couple of Bodytalk sessions the unconscious patterns were released and she no longer needed the operation”.

This is not to say that if you need an operation you don’t go for it, but it is worth just checking that there isn’t an underlying emotional charge that could be causing the problem Chris went on to say “ because some of the beliefs are so well hidden, some psychologists are sending clients to me that they are not making any progress with to see if the Bodytalk system will help uncover these issues, which was the case with Mr Jones. Chris mentioned, “A midwife was using Bodytalk in her practice and had managed to reduce the average labour of her pregnant moms from five or six hours to 90 minutes”. Chris also added, “for client who cannot get to me physically, I have worked on them from a distance and have had excellent results.”

How does this work, Chris explains “The laws of quantum mechanics have proved the interconnectedness of every atom in the universe , every atom is constantly ‘in touch’ ‘with all that is’, so every microscopic part of our body knows exactly what every other part is doing and is responding accordingly even from a distance. Bodytalk in general will help with viruses, infections, food intolerances, allergies, phobias, muscular-skeletal problems, blood sugar (diabetes) and circulation problems, (blood pressure) emotional blockages, dyslexia, attention deficit disorder (ADD) (many mothers have signed a sign of relief when their child no longer had to take Ritalin), arthritis, lymphatic system chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, gout and menstrual disorders to name a few. Bodytalk and energy medicine in general does not diagnose or medicate and is non invasive and relies on the body’s innate intelligence to do the work.

If you break a leg you cannot go to a Bodytalk person to have it set, but you can go later and this will help the leg heal faster. Bodytalk is used by top sportsmen and women to assist them in their competitions to win. Children writing exams have benefited from this technique. Believe it or not, animals benefit hugely from this kind of work so if your cat or dog who for example has a skin problem it could be emotional and clearing that will help the skin to heal. Plants benefit too! The world of healing has moved and is still moving into the field where anything is possible, and when you work directly with the innate energy system, this is where the magic happens. The quantum physicists are opening the way for the sceptical that have to ‘see it to believe it’, to  understand the science behind the extraordinary energy of our bodies and the world around us. If you have any doubts read Dr Bruce Lipton: Biology of Belief a and all doubt will disappear.  He has excellent videos to watch. He is a highly acclaimed doctor who is changing the way we see DNA and its influence on us.

The body mind connection has also been documented in Louise Hay’s very well known, twenty year old book “You can heal your life”. this book helps us to identify our illnesses with the unconscious thought processes. So don’t endure pain or a difficult life pattern, try something different. Allopathic and natural medicine can work together to help us all. Should you wish to find out more on Bodytalk or find a practitioner details are below. This site is for information on BodyTalk This will find a practitioner near you

Chris Lowe is a well known BodyTalk practitioner in the Westville area. Chris Lowe CBP.ParBP. has been in practice since 2004, at Parama level since

2006. Contact details 0832650756

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Debbie Fox
Debbie Fox has practised as a feng shui consultant for the past fifteen years, in South Africa and overseas. she mainly works in Durban and Johannesburg and do a fair amount over the internet. Her clients are varied and include homes, businesses, hotels, health spas, farms, stables, shops such as restaurants and health shops etc within shopping centres, and she helps clients with the positioning and design of new buildings.In addition to the feng shui she checks the geopathic stress of the building. Geopathic stress is made up of ley lines, electromagnetic smog and other energies that don’t belong in the building and have a detrimental effect on our lives. Blocking these energies brings good health. My number is 0826780976 Email address Feng Shui The Energy Connection 0826780976

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