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Mudra’s refer to symbolic hand gestures or postures that provides amazing health benefits. Mr S. P. Dutta learnt about it himself after retirement and shares some of these simple , effective mudras for common ailments with us..

An imbalance of the five in the body leads to deceases. Different combination of fingers(elements) affect to body functioning by balancing.

Thumb represents fire, pinky finger – water, ring finger – earth, middle finger – space and first finger – wind.

Right hand affects the left side of the body and the Left hand affects to right side of the body

 Mudra effect – is very fast and immediate, concerned finger touch

 Body position –  is best in sitting in VAJAR, PADAM, SUKH ASAN, however one can do in any position, sitting or walking around

Time duration – start with 10 min daily and then increase to 30 – 45 min.  can do 10min  X 3 daily.

“Mudras to regulate the 5 elements”

mudras1 1) GYAN MUDRA – For concentration, positivity, memory enhancement and meditate.  No limit on time duration, any body position, good sleep and brain activate.
2) VAYU MUDRA – For VAYU selected ailments, sciatica, spondylitis, cornea pain, arthritis, gastric in stomach.
3) SUN MUDRA – For producing weight, increase heat in the body, reduce mental stress, increase hunger, helps in diabetes and liver ailments. PRECAUTION: Do not practise long in summer, 10 – 15 min, weak person not to practise.
4) PRAN MUDRA – Very important for body of mental strength, vitamin tonic.  During and after long vesting, useful for insomnia, eye problems and eye sight increase.  Diabetics should do with APAN MUDRA, insomnia patients should do with GYAN MUDRA. Saints to do, no time limit for healthy or sick.
5) APAN MUDRA – For excretory system of the body, this removes toxins through faeces’ and urine air and sweating. Best for constipation, piles, stomach air, urine obstruction, kidney function and teeth.  While doing you may feel the need for urination.  You will stop sweating if you don’t.  Diabetics to do along with PRAN MUDRA.  It is body and mental cleanser.  No time limit and may create more urination.
6) APAN VAYU MUDRA – Combines the effects of APAN MUDRA AND VAYU MUDRA. Best for heart ailments and high blood pressure. Immediate relief of heart attack and heart treatments.  For headaches due to sleeplessness, mental stress, hard work or blood circulation.  Gastric problems solved.  To do 5 min before climbing stairs.  Heart and blood patient cannot practise many times in a day.
7) SPACE OR AKASH MUDRA – For strengthening the bones, releasing the locking jaws when yawning. Along with ear problems can be solved with MUDRA AND SHUNYA MUDRA.  This MUDRA is formed while doing “mala” beads necklace. Do it only when needed for limited time.
8) SHUNYA (ZERO) MUDRA – Best for ear ailments and hard of hearing can be treated.  Doing 45 min daily helps strengthen the gums holding the teeth.  To be done together with AKASH MUDRA. PRECAUTION: Do not practise when eating or walking. This MUDRA helps with head and throat problems, thyroid.
9) PRITHVI MUDRA – Helps in increasing the weight for thin and weak persons.  Increases strength and vitality.  Helps in meditation and spirituality.  Improves digestion and vitamins.  Best for maintaining good health.  Can practise 30 – 45 min as many times as you feel the need to you.
10) VARUN MUNDRA – Best for dryness in the body.  Increases skin quality for smooth and shinning skin.  Cleanses the blood and removes acne.  PRECAUTION: Persons with cough in excess mucus character to avoid.  To practise only when needed.
11) JALODHAR MUDRA – Best for water retention in the body, swelling of feet, hand or the whole body.  Water in the lungs, belly or stomach can be reduced by practising JALODHAR MUDRA. To practise for treatment only with medication.
12) SHANKH MUDRA – Best for vocal cord and voice improvements, for singing.  Improves digestion and intestinal problems, helps treat thyroid ailments. Practising this MUDRA in VAJAR ASAMA – SEHAJ SHANKH MUDRA.  Increases vitality and efficiency.
13) LING MUDRA – Best for old flue, asthma or coldness of the body. This improves the cough and mucus in the body and reduces fatness.  This increases heat in the body.  While practising, drink more water or fruit juices.  Helps in controlling the flue, heat in the body, and cleaning sinuses, low blood pressure, paralysis and dry cough.  PRECAUTION: Drink and use more water and fruit juices while practising this MUNDRA.  Do not practise for long periods.


1 vote, 5.00 avg. rating (90% score)

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