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Full On Taste

Full On Taste

Full On Taste
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As we are in the midst of the festive season, what better time to share some of our recipes with our readers. It is that time of the year when calories are not given much notice and we would all love to be in Nigellaʼs shoes!

Its christmas season and making cakes and puddings is perfectly in order. Below are some of my well tested and well tasted recipes. No complications and readily available ingredients are some of the contents that make a recipe stay in our minds. The recipes given below will surely do this for all of us. INDULGE AND ENJOY!


Digestive biscuits: 10
Fresh coconut grated: 5 tbsp
Drinking chocolate: 5 tbsp
Butter(melted): 1tspSweetened Condensed Milk: Just enough to bind together
Finely chopped Cashews: Optional

Crush the digestive biscuits into fine powder. Mix rest of the ingredients with the crushed biscuits. Be careful while putting condensed milk, put just enough to bind the mixture together so that it can be rolled into balls. Spread the finely chopped cashews in a platter and roll the chocolate balls over it to get a layer of cashews onto them. The chocolate balls can be wrapped and tied into a small bundle of colored cellophane paper and made as an accompaniment with the  christmas gift for your family and friends.

BROWN BREAD PUDDING                                                               taste2

Brown bread: 1
Orange juice: enough to bind
Brandy: One pouchCastor sugar: 4 tbsp
Icing sugar: 2 tbsp
Drinking chocolate: 4 tbsp
Whipping Cream: 500ml
Strawberries and Chocolate: for decoration
Caramel or Chocolate sauce: optional

Put brown bread in fridge for a day so that it becomes hard. Grind it in the grinder to make bread crumbs. To this add enough orange juice, brandy, castor sugar and drinking chocolate. The mixture should stick to each other in such a way that it can be layered. Add icing sugar to the cream and whip it until is fluffy. Take a rectangular or square dish and layer the bottom with bread crumbs mixture. On top of the mixture put the layer of the whipped cream. Decorate it with chocolate flakes and cut strawberries.

Full On Taste
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