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Healing By Mudras

Healing By Mudras

Healing By Mudras
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Healing by Mudras is an ancient practice with spiritual seekers in eastern cultures like India and China. The saints and yogis in the ancient times used Mudras to empower them spiritually, to maintain their mind and body balance and to be physically healthy.


Mudras are about hand-body, hand-fingers positioning. The human hand and its five fingers are representations of various things. The five fingers represent five elements namely fire, earth, water, wind and space. From yet another perspective the fingers also represent different emotions, various body systems, body parts or body organs. Fingers and Mounds on the hand represent planets and characteristics of an individualʼs personality. The hands and fingers, thus, are an important areas for receiving treatment in various ancient techniques such as Accupressure and Accupuncture.

Healing by Mudras is one of the techniques which uses mind and body consciousness. Different schools of thoughts have various versions of fingerʼs representing a particular element or part of the body. One must avoid confusion and should adhere to any particular version that they may want to choose. The beauty of this healing technique is that no matter how many different versions one may come across , the technique is still effective. This is because Mind plays a vital role in any healing process. The ʻMiraclesʼ do occur and You yourself are the creator of any miracle. To achieve these miracles , one has to go into his own private space, into his own energy system and consciousness. As you go into your SELF, you can feel the flood of healing energy flowing through your being. This will only happen when your mind is focussed on the final goal that you want to achieve. The clarity about your goal is the first step in achieving that goal and it is of immense importance that you must be very clear what you want to achieve. It is no doubt a long and a very subtle process and must be done with persistance and patience. All inner journeys are much more profound, more significant and certainly more lasting than anything external. You must have Faith when you work with soul and your persistance will pay. You yourself will create miraculous results.

Since there are numerous mudras, one must keep the notes ready and practice the relevant mudras as and when required. Certain mudras can be practiced as daily routine to keep mind and body healthy and spirits high. Body heals and maintains itself and it is in ʻYOUR HANDʼ!


Adopt the following procedure as far as possible to achieve results.

1. Have Faith and be positive that you are getting well and getting healed completely.
2. Have a holistic approach. Be free of any doubt.
3. Wash your hands and placing them in front of your navel, rub them together against each other. This will charge your hands.
4. Draw the holy symbols of any faith that you follow, such as Om, Shalom, Ekomkaar, 786 or Bismillah. ( Reiki practitioners can use and draw symbol 1, 2, 1 on both hands before starting. You may use any other healing symbols of your choice).


5. The touch between the fingers or hands should be soft, just touching, do not put any pressure. You might feel the flow of energy at that touch point, a feeling of warmth, a throbbing sensation.
6. The hand and body should be relaxed completely and you must start visualising that your body is being healed and your body is being completely relieved of any discomfort or pain.
7. Do not exert too much or over do it. In case you feel discomfort , discontinue immediately.
8. Practice in a pleasant mood and with positive thoughts.
9. Try to practice the mudras daily preferably at the same time. The most appropriate and convenient time can be just before going to bed and as soon as you get up in the morning.
10.As a general rule, practicing Mudras for about 15 minutes three times a day is advisable.
11.Certain mudras can be practiced while walking provided one is relaxed and can concentrate while walking..
12.Discontinue the practice on complete healing. However Holistic, Spiritual and Cleansing Maintenance can be done on a daily basis.
13.Breathing patterns for every mudra has been specified and these should be adhered to. However as a general rule, the breathing should be relaxed before commencing any mudra and for this take three long breaths, deep inhalation and extended exhalation. This will calm the body and the mind.
14. There is no harm if you exceed the time limit as specified for a particular mudra, but it is advisable to comply with the time limit.
15. Some individuals may get the results very soon, but they must still practice the mudra for a few days to completely relieve themselves of the ailment.
16.In certain cases, however, the effect is slow and the body recovers only after a prolonged practice. In such cases regularity, persistance and patience is necessary.
17.Always have an Attitude of Gratitude which means that you must thank yourself and the Universal system that heals you. The body has been designed divinely to heal, maintain and sustain itself. A perfect proof of this is that a fractured bone gets joined by itself, the orthopedic only aligns it by plaster or screws.
18.Recite or Chant any Mantra that you are comfortable with or whatever is mentioned in the Mudra instructions.
19.Pray to the Universal Source of Energy, or God and enjoy the Universal phenomenon.





For: Concentration, memory enhancement, positivity and meditation. This mudra refreshes and activates brain. It also tranquilizes the brain and facilitates good sleep.

How to do: Touch the tips of the index finger and the thumb of the both hands. All other fingers are extended and relaxed.
Duration: 20 minutes, 3 times a day or 45 minutes at a go.



For: Vayu( wind, gas) related problems. Flatulence, gastric discomfort, Sciatica, knee pain,
arthritis, spondylitis.

How to do: Bend and lightly press the index finger under the thumb of both the hands. All the other fingers relaxed and extended. 

Duration: 15 minutes, 3 times a day or whenever needed for immediate results.



For: Strengthening the bones, releasing the locking jaws on yawning. Healing heart and ear ailments.

How to do: Touch the tips of the middle finger and the thumb of both hands. All other fingers relaxed and extended. This mudra should be practiced only when there is a condition and for limited time.

Duration: Few minutes till relief is felt.



For: Ear ailments such as hard of hearing. Strengthening of gums. If combined with Akash Mudra, heals thyroid related ailments and heart ailments.

How to do: Bend and press lightly the middle finger under the thumb in both hands. All other fingers relaxed and extended. It should not be practiced while eating and walking.

Duration: 45 minutes a day.



For: Increases physical strength and Vitality. Improves digestion. Helps in gaining weight. Helps in meditation, spirituality. It works as a Vitamin for the body.
How to do: Touch the tips of the ring finger and the thumb of both hands. All other fingers are relaxed and extended.

Duration: 30 to 45 minutes daily.



For: Reducing weight and obesity. This increases heat in the body, reduces mental stress. Helps in diabetes and liver ailments. Improves apetite.

How to do: Bend the ring finger under the thumb on both hands. All other fingers relaxed and extended. Do not practice this mudra for long in summers. Physically weak individuals should avoid this mudra.

Duration: 10 to 15 minutes only. For diabetes practice 5 minutes 3 times a day.



For: Treating dryness in the body. This mudra increases the quality of the skin making it smooth and glowing. Cleanses the blood, heals acne, gastroenteritis.

How to do: Touch the tips of the little fingers and the thumbs of both the hands. All other fingers relaxed and extended. Person with excess mucus or cough to avoid this mudra.

Duration: To practice only when needed for 10-15 minutes.


For: Treatment of water retention in the body. Swelling of feet or any part of the body, water in lungs or stomach can be reduced by practicing this mudra.

How to do: Bend and press lightly the little finger under the thumb in both the hands. All other fingers relaxed and extended. This mudra to be practiced with medication.

Duration: 15 minutes daily as required.


For: This mudra helps remove toxins from the body. Develops inner balance, mental strength. If combined with Gyan mudra it also helps to remove insomnia. It helps heal all eye related ailments. If combined with Apan mudra, it helps in curing diabetes.

How to do: Touch the tips of the ring finger and little finger with thumb on both hands. All other fingers relaxed and extended. Saints practiced this mudra during their fastings to gain strength.

Duration: 15 minutes 3 times a day, can be practiced for longer period.



For: Helps in elimination and excretory system of the body. Removes toxins through urine and fecal matter, sweating, breathing. Helps in removing constipation, piles, urine obstruction. It is also helpful in kidney and gastric functions and teeth related problems.

How to do: Touch the tips of the middle finger, ring finger and the thumb lightly on both the hands. All other fingers relaxed and extended. Some individuals may feel the need to urinate, and in some cases sweating may occur. The diabetic patients must combine this mudra with Vayu mudra.

Duration: 15 minutes 3 times a day.



For: Combines the effects of Vayu and Apan Mudra. This mudra is best for heart ailments and high blood pressure, headaches, sleeplessness, mental stress and gastric ailments.

How to do: Touch the middle finger and the ring finger tips with the thumb, press after bending the index finger under the thumb, little figer extended and relaxed. This must be done with the prescribed medication. Heart patients and hypertensive patients must do this before climbing stairs.
Duration: 15 minutes 3 times a day.



For: Habitually suffering from cold, flu. Having cough and mucus in the body. This mudra creates heat in the body and the heat clears the accumulated phlegm out of the body. It helps in low blood pressure, clears the sinuses, helps in curing paralysis and dries cough.

How to do: Placing both hands together, clasp the fingers of both hands. Put one thumb upright and encircle it with index finger and thumb of the other hand. Do not practice for longer period. Drink ample water, fruit juice and increase intake of fats while practicing this mudra.

Duration: 15 minutes 3 times a day.

Healing By Mudras
1 vote, 4.00 avg. rating (80% score)

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