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Technology is not me!!!

Technology is not me!!!

Technology is not me!!!
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By Megha Lodha
While we do thank technology for making life easier with every passing day, there are some of us for whom these changes are too much too sudden. Durban – based Megha Lodha Kathariya, shares her views with those who might agree…….
When I thought about writing this, I first broke into a nervous sweat because to be honest, technology and me really don’t gel well. But after several failed attempts, it came to a point where I really couldn’t let technology win against me – not this time! Of course the problem lies with technology, not me!! I mean why can’t they make the best piece in one shot? Why does it have to be upgraded with new and “improved” features almost as soon as you have just learned to understand how to use the existing ones!
There used to be a time when it came to remembering telephone numbers and birthdates, my folks would turn to me. But no one asks me since this thing called mobile phones, which are now categorized as Smart phones and Blackberry I believe, came into this world. All my numbers (which till a few years ago would not exceed 8 digits as they usually were land line numbers) are saved on this thingamajig because how many 10 digit numbers can I remember? All important events and occasions which I would either diarise or easily remember are now saved as tasks or memos or reminders on the same. And those of you who have me on Blackberry Messenger or Whatsapp – please understand the only reason I had to have these was because this was the easiest way for me to stay in touch with whatever is left of my world that is still within my reach; if you know what I mean. I was very happy to use the phone just what it was made for. I still barely can manage to check emails on the phone. Just not my thing.
I am also having trouble with cameras now and the culprit here is the same! I used to love clicking during the days when we had to load the role, change batteries and wait for all 36 frames to be clicked before I could see the result. Now I have to charge my camera only via the laptop, the pictures, I can instantly play with, edit the way I like, the camera transfers the
images as soon as it is connected to my laptop and will even upload them at the click of a button! But where is the fun!?
And you might think, hasn’t this made life easy? No way! Because now the photos which would promptly go into neat albums, get developed only annually, if at all and are expected to be looked up by everyone either if they have accounts on flickr, picasa, or if I put them Facebook and decide who, out of some 300 odd people I may have at some point, (don’t know how) added to my ‘friends’ list shall see them. Most of my family – the ones who have a Facebook account may not see these as they are busy updating their status and the ones who want to see probably are in the same league as mine and therefore haven’t really made an account!
Thankfully, I have not succumbed to Twitter or to Blogging – I did try the latter though, twice, unsuccessfully! And please I don’t even want to get started on Facebook with its Instagram and the new Timeline and everyone telling me what they ate, where they went and whom they met! Please!
If this was not enough my husband, somewhat of a techno freak, has now initiated our pre-schooler son to my nemesis’s best friend – Steve Job’s best creation to date – the IPAD! Now father and son take turns playing games and downloading apps and god knows what
else while I have just learned how to switch it on and see what all it can do!! Now just please don’t ask me how did I end up even writing this piece, u really won’t believe a word of how I might have struggled to complete this. Of course, Word kept correcting my mistakes, but why should I trust this thing because according to the Spellcheck Wizard, I am Meghan Lochay Katharina – very, very different from how people know me!!
Technology is not me!!!
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About Megha Lodha

A journalist by profession, Megha Lodha Kathariya has worked in Mumbai and Dubai as a business reporter, and freelance writer and sub editor for dailies and magazines. She quit working when motherhood beckoned and is still trying to get back to writing! She and her family moved to Durban last year and that is how she got introduced to indians4africa that has been brave enough to publish her work and ask her to continue with it!

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