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Hey Math

Hey Math
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HeyMath! was founded in May 2000 by Nirmala Sankaran and Harsh Rajan on a worldview that there is no perfect education system. The company is based in Chennai, India but has spread it’s wing in various countries. HeyMath! was recognized as one of the 25 most innovative companies in 2007 by Microsoft in a nation wide survey in India and was featured in NASSCOM’S 100 most innovative software companies in India in 2006. HeyMath! speaks to Indians4Africa on the importance of quality teachers and math as not just a subject to be considered but a priority for all students.

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1. Nirmala Shankara explains the relationship between the development of math aptitude in students and a country’s GD.  Why Does Maths Matter

2. The perception of math as a difficult subject can be overcome with access to capable and reachable teachers at all points of a student’s schooling years.  Why Is Maths a Commonly Feared Subject

3. There is a holistic solution; firstly a capable teacher’s sphere of influence is increased beyond the classroom by making use of technology namely the world-wide-web whereby one teacher can supply support to students globally. Secondly, support systems are in place to help teachers deliver to the best of their ability.  What Is HeyMath’s Solution To The Shortage Of Capable Math Teachers

4. The HeyMath programme helps identify students whom require more attention via online tests and assignments. The feedback data from these tests and assignment are then used to help students’ respective problem areas in a timely manner via their online system as opposed to the traditional manual system.  How Has Heymath Evolved During The Years

5. Following success in Singapore, India and the USA HeyMaths is spreading its wings in Africa with aims to add value to Math education. In South Africa, a specialized support programme was created for teachers and students which have received positive feedback and results.  How Has Heymath Improved Education In Africa

6. HeyMath endeavors to encourage Math aptitude as a priority for students in countries within Africa via the use of technology, making use of a country’s spend on Maths and collaborative efforts in increasing math performance.  What Are The Ingredients For A High Math Aptitude Within A Country

7. Credibility through a successful flexible teaching module must be an aim with a business such as HeyMath.  What Are Some Of The Challenges Faced With HeyMath As A Business

8. HeyMath aims to resuscitate the importance of Math and Science. Firstly through supplying capable accessible teachers via the online programme, secondly by providing support for teachers and by making use of technology. Nirmala Shankara propagates Math not as an option but as a priority for students.  What Is The Future Of Heymath

Hey Math
1 vote, 5.00 avg. rating (90% score)

About Nirmala Sankaran

Nirmala Sankaran
Nirmala Sankaran leads product design, innovation and talent management at HeyMath! She is committed to building excellence in Maths education by synthesizing best practices in teaching from high performing systems around the world, drawing insights from pedagogical research and staying on top of developments in educational technology. Prior to being an entrepreneur, Nirmala worked for 12 years with Citigroup in India, Middle East, Europe and the US. She has extensive experience in Product Management, Product development, Sales and Marketing. Nirmala completed her MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore in 1988 and graduated from Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi in 1986 (where she stood 1st in University of Delhi).

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  1. I agree, Maths must be compulsory for all students, whether it’s a liked subject or not.

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