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Rhema Bible Church

Rhema Bible Church. Founded in 1979, the church celebrates more the thirty years of ministry. Rhema has become a church that strives for excellence in all it does, whether in music, television ministry, church administration, social responsibility work, or in all the ministries it runs. Besides a dedicated and full-time team of pastors and administrative staff, there are hundreds of volunteers who give generously of their time and energy to the work of the ministry.  The scope of outreach at Rhema Ministries covers ministering to the sick, caring for the poor and lonely as well as feeding the hungry. At Rhema Ministries we believe in being a relevant church in today’s world and that means equipping you with the fullness of God’s word. We want to reach out to the nations and bring God’s word to a lost generation; to spread his love by teaching people to believe, belong and become in Christ Jesus.

Rivers Church

Rivers is a dynamic church that offers both inspirational and practical biblical teaching with motivation for people of all ages, races and walks of life. It is a Christ centred church that preaches the truth about Jesus in a fresh illustrative and creative way. We actively reach out to embrace people through services, television, our foundation to the poor and community relationships. As a result we are a fast growing church on 3 campuses that started with 70 people and currently exceeds 10,000.

We love God passionately, love people unconditionally and live life purposefully. We believe in our nation and are totally committed to serving the purposes of God and making a significant difference to the lives of people in spiritual, social, emotional and physical need. Rivers aims for excellence in every area of ministry because we place high value on the church and its ministry to people. We believe that God is good and that He wants to help, bless, grow, enlarge, change and release people’s potential. We are committed to bringing the grace of God into the lives of needy and broken people through the love of God. Weekend services are geared to inspire and equip the whole family. Our exciting Kidszone Children’s Church provides a FULL children’s programme during all weekend services and we have teen, youth and young adult ministries that build into the lives of each age group.

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