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Johannesburg has so many things , and something for every one, from beaches to mountains, wild life, adventure sports etc



Apartheid Museum

This museum is architecturally interesting and packed with thoughtful, often brutal, reminders of South Africa’s history. A great walkthrough of the history and some nice commerative pieces such as car gifted to Nelson Mandela upon his release, which was made by voluntary labour from his supporters and parts given free by mercedes. If you want to learn all about Apartheid, this is the place to go,  you get a real feel through the multimedia, static elements and information.



Gautrain is Africa’s first world-class, modern rapid rail and bus service for Gauteng, a province regarded as the economic heartland of South Africa.  This is an impressive safe, inexpensive and easy way to get from OR Tambo Intl Airport to Sandton, and much quicker and cheaper than a taxi particularly in peak times when traffic can lead to long journey times.


Constitution Hill

Constitution Hill is worth a stop if you are a political/legal junkie and would like to see the Constitutional Court as well as a few other points of interest. A good place to take our children so that they can appreciate where we come from and all the sacrifices that have been made for them to enjoy the freedom they do now. Recommend a visit if you’re interested in South African history.  The basic guided tour, which is supposed to be about 90 minutes long - is a fantastic adventure. The Constitution Court itself is beautiful – some great city views to be had too.


Johannesburg Lion Park

The Johannesburg Lions Park, situated about 45 minutes away from Johannesburg by car, is a must see for all age groups. A quick round trip would take about 2 hours, but one can enjoy just as many hours inside the park if you have the time.  If you do not have a chance to go to Krueger or another major safari or animal area, Lion Park offers a good option to still see and interact with animals. You are allowed to drive your own vehicle through the park with unlimited amounts of time for each “camp” or take the 1 hr tour on the Park’s bus / van.  One can enjoy close up photos in your  own car which was great  and not being in a rush. There is a small area inside the entry where you are allowed to interact with the lion cubs for 2 minutes in groups of 8 people or less per interaction. This was a great experience. There is also an opportunity to feed a giraffe and an ostrich with food you purchase at the park if you choose to do so. There are also a few other fenced off areas to see by walking.  Families can enjpy  lunch meals at the small restaurant area which was quick, pretty good and decent prices.


South African National Museum of Military History

This large museum contains mostly military-related records, journals, weapons and photographs that depict the nation’s participation in large-scale conflicts. This is a museum to rival and even better some European museums. the sheer variety of exhibits make it worth visiting. The impact of having full size aircraft hanging from the ceiling is incredible, even not taking into account that these aircraft are legendary in their own right.


Johannesburg Botanical Gardens and Emmarentia Dam

Tranquil gardens, walkways, shady arbors and benches make this sprawling park a popular respite from the pace of the city. The gardens are gorgeous and it was so lovely to get together with the whole family and have a picnic, lots of open spaces for the kids to play. Always a great day out and the walks are great fun.  For the weekends you can pack a picnic basket and relax on the grass or make use of the restuarant on site.


Gold Reef City

Interactive gold-mining experiences are the highlight of this theme park, which also contains the standard thrill rides and games. Good value for money, not disappointing nor overrated. Children will adore the rides and there are some scary ones for adults. Do not miss the 4D cinema which had everybody laughing and shrieking throughout the show and unless you are claustrophobic or sick in some way do the mine tour.


Satyagraha House

The Satyagraha House is where Mahatma Gandhi from about 1909-1914, some of that time in the company of his great friend Hermann Kallenbach (who also designed the house). Even if you do not stay at the lovely guesthouse, you can visit the museum free-of-charge. The museum focuses on a portion of Gandhiji’s time in South Africa and well as to those closest to him during that time. You can see the actual loft area when Gandhiji slept. Tastefully redone and an oasis of serenity – make some time to stop by.


Carnival City & Entertainment World

Carnival City Casino and Entertainment World is Gauteng’s premier gambling destination, Johannesburg’s light fantastic, a glittering festival for the senses, a thrill a second, a wonderland of games where fun comes in every shade of a neon rainbow!With world class entertainment and gaming facilities, two hotels, a feast of dining options, fun-filled family entertainment and so much more. Visually its very appealing. It maintains normal casino standards which is pretty good in general. Although there is a long walk from the car park to the Casino itself, so in winter its a toughie to bear but in summer you would enjoy the breezy walk. Take kids, enjoy the spectular theme, its a once in a lifetime, but for me not a regular visiting spot



This is one of those destinations that you know you have to see but somehow have not gotten there. Go, it is worth it as it gives a great glimpse into our history.  The caves are well worth a visit with impressive features and beautiful stalagmites and stalagtites. I just thought our guide a little lacklustre and almost operating on automatic. Perhaps he was having an off-day. Experience it for yourself and see.

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