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Saarthi – extend a hand

(Donate 2nd hand clothes, stationary, household items , toys etc.)


We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”  ~Mother Teresa

We start every year with a new-fangled positivity. We aim to aspire new objectives and then strive to achieve them. Some do and some keep trying hard to. So too came the year 2012 with new ideas, new opportunities and new struggles. There is an invigorating feeling to this whole process and this year has been no different.
‘Saarthi’ was a Childs dream and saw its birth in 2011. We saw it come together with the kindness and nurturing of loving hearts and giving hands. A humble effort from us all to share, to show we care. This program has been running successfully for the past 2 years in which we have completed 2 extraordinary drives. We are humbled by this experience and we would like to thank all those who have come forth and opened their hearts. Saarthi is a lily-white effort to share some subsistence with the more needy in our community and do a good deed for the society that we live in. This year we donated to 2 Charities: Child Welfare Phoenix and Indlela (Fairhavens)  .

Saarthi collects second-hand clothing (adults and children), toys, stationary old and new, and household items . All items those are non-perishable. Also this year we WOULD REQUEST YOU TO KINDLY DONATE READING BOOKS , new or old for the children. The gift of reading is one of the most precious of all so lets share it with the beautiful innocent children out there.

So dear Saarthi come along and do your bit. Your support on every level will be truly appreciated. I would really appreciate your thoughts and ideas, blessed hands on the collection days and sorting days and any way they can help. So please come forward and be a part of this humble drive.

Also if you know of any orphanages, schools, individuals or homes that you would like for us to support please do let us know.

Please contact Ambika on                           074 943 0808  or  / for any more information. (P.S)  Empty carton boxes for storing the items will also be appreciated.

(Please know that ‘Saarthi’ name is just a symbol to give our effort an entity. It is just good people getting together and trying to do their bit for the community. We are not affiliated to any forum or company, private or public.)

“Life is a gift and it offers us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give something back, by becoming something more.”   Anthony Robbins

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