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The People Pleaser

The People Pleaser

The People Pleaser
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The People Pleaser

Why do women have the need,

Always to please and be liked in every deed.

This aim to please is an obsession, a want,

To sacrifice time and labour at any cost.

And it is not the answer,

Said sages old and new,

Relinquish this need and be true to you.

Self is important,

Self respect too.

In the name of Love,

How can anyone shout at you.

Can you not see ,

Being true to yourself

Is the reason to be.

When you are honest to yourself

And love yourself true,

You will be frank and honest

And good to others too

Do not do for others

What they don’t ask you to do,

And by the same token

Be good to yourself too.

Say no to disrespect

Put up a fight,

If you don’t care for yourself

Who else will understand your plight,

No-one will be there for you

If you don’t love yourself true

Always pleasing others

Whatever happened to you.

Love yourself first

And then you will fly high.

Hey, when will this caterpillar become a butterfly.

Saritha Mathur

About Sarita Mathur

For Sarita, life is like the V for Victory. It starts on the upper left corner and then from that high it plunges lower and lower , before once again going upwards. Life is taking responsibility for your actions and never being a victim.

However, this is a process and takes time. One goes through different emotions like guilt, anger and resentment but eventually the overriding emotion is the love , peace and happiness which comes with it.

Like the proverbial caterpillar which became a butterfly, Sarita became a visualization and motivational expert ,teaching emotional intelligence and Reiki(hands on energy healing)after her son became asthmatic.

Quiet contemplation helped her to find answers to her questions .When you pray , God

listens ,but when you are still and calm your mind, then God Answers.

Sarita’s C.D“Joyful Heart ‘ ,plus her C.D’s on Reiki“Hand in Hand with Reiki”,and “The Caterpillar has become a butterfly” have

got her critical acclaim. People have sent her testimonials as to how they have changed their Life for the better.

She was a semi finalist in the Lentswe Poetry Project and a guest speaker at the Live Poets Society in Durban, South Africa.

Sarita has been featured in Eastern Mosaic ,a T.V programme in South Africa as well as on Radio .One of the newspapers featured her in a column titled“women who made a difference”.

Two of her poems have been accepted into an anthology of poetry on Haiti. Sarita”s poetry has been published in The Hudson View as well as in an anthology called “Unbreaking the Rainbow” which is based on the struggle poetry of South Africa.

Published by Amitabh Mitra in South Africa , it had Ela Gandhi as the Guest Speaker.

Sarita Lived in Nigeria for nine years and was part of a book club on African and Carribean Literature.

Sarita’s abstract paintings are infused with energy symbols and are excellent for communication,

relationship and prosperity. Each painting is unique and serves a purpose.She has studied Feng Shui .The energy of the paintings is checked with the use of dowsing rods and each recipient sees results within three weeks. Some of her paintings will be in her book. “Once Again…Love’ with the subtitle“Reconnecting with the Heart”

The People Pleaser
3 votes, 4.00 avg. rating (80% score)

About Sarita Mathur

Sarita Mathur
Sarita Mathur Sarita Mathur is a poet and artist residing in Durban. Her debut novel ”Once Again…Love’ with the subtitle “Reconnecting with the Heart” is to be published soon. Sarita loves nature, reading ,writing and art.

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