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Amazing Kwazulu Natal


This month Siva takes us to Drakensburg (means “The Dragon Mountains ” in Dutch). Siva provides an exhaustive details  of the best that Drakensburg has to offer.. Whether one is a new comer or an older timer, this province on the east coast of South Africa never ceases to amaze for its natural beauty and varying landscape. From the golden beaches of ... Read More »



When was the last dwelt upon a rainbow ? Sarita Mathur does in her inimitable poetic style.. When I saw the rainbow. I started to think., How did it come up so high, It was like a miracle In the sky. After the cleansing effect Of rain , All of us were to gain, Our Consciousness cleansed, even though we ... Read More »



An everyday protest action stimulates a brilliant painting and 4 lines of poetry … “Neglect of request reason of blockade chorus of protest the crowd’s crusade” “अनुरोध की अवमानना गतिरोध का कारण विरोध के संयुक्त स्वर जुलूस का उच्चारण” Mdantsane Protest by Dr Amitabh Mitra Read More »


book 2

The half stitched garment lying in front of me gave me a promising look. I knew it could be better if I put a little more attention to the detail. The last garment stitched by me also gave a promising look but it had failed to get me the highest marks in my Clothing and Textile class of my sophomore ... Read More »

Medicine In Perspective


Dr Reina Ramesh shares her experience as a doctor in rural west africa that is both enlightening and  entertaintaining.. As a primary health care physician in a rural setting in Nigeria working with one general practitioner and ten Nigerian nurses/technician staff in a 300 bed hospital we provided comprehensive health services to a large African population. The extent of those ... Read More »

Africa in the Global Crisis and Trade Dis-Order

MD Ramesh forwarded this insightful report on Africa in the Global Crisis and Trade Dis-Order The Evian Group and the German Marshall Fund convened a two-day meeting at IMD, Lausanne, with the aim of getting the measure of some of Africa’s prime concerns in a rapidly changing world economic context. This multi-stakeholder meeting – attended by North American, European and ... Read More »

DHARTI – MA : An article about Climate Change


“DHARTI – MA”, or “MOTHER EARTH” are words that our generation grew up with and got so used to that we seldom look back to wonder about the wisdom of our forefathers to akin earth to the closest person we have in our lives. Coined in an era where farmer’s livelihood depended on his crop and weather, when every day ... Read More »

Why deflation is worse than inflation

Wouldn’t it be nice if prices of products actually fell instead of rising? For many of us in India who have been facing the brunt of galloping prices over the past several months, this would seem clearly welcome.  But much as we may like to pay less, a sustained decline in prices, deflation, may not be in our best interests. ... Read More »

Make your PC run as fast as new


We have all faced the problem of our computers  frustratingly slowing down There could be several hardware-related reasons for a slow computer. For example, the processor, the brain of your computer, may be too slow to run today’s demanding software. It may drag along if you have several programs running simultaneously. Then, there is RAM — the temporary memory the ... Read More »

Millionaires group to lobby for higher taxes


Millionaires group lobbies  for higher taxes — “on themselves”.  Strange but true … As the deadline nears for the congressional “super committee” to come up with a deficit-slashing plan, a group of people who have made $1 million a year or more is pressing lawmakers to raise tax rates on the nation’s highest income earners. Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength, ... Read More »

India is to establish a new all-female police squad


India is to establish a new all-female police squad to close a legal loophole which has allowed women to drink and drive without fear of arrest According to police, scores of drunk women drivers close to the capital New Delhi are allowed to stay at the wheel because they cannot be arrested unless a female officer is present. Traffic police ... Read More »

Charity Begins At Home “collectively”


Social Work enthusiast Ms Neena Sood writes about her charity work that has been doing for last few years.. When Mohan requested me to write a page to describe our Diwali Charity Fund Raising Drive for our first ever Newsletter, he received a half-hearted response from me, as I perceived it as an unwanted bit of limelight. Being the “Gentleman” ... Read More »

Branding Africa

branding Africa

M D Ramesh forwarded an excellent study that analyzises the potential of changing global perception of Africa into something positive The topic revolved around the current global perception of Africa and the potential to change this perception into something positive. Prior to preparing the presentation Interbrand Sampson researched the issue. Can Africa really be branded; well in reality anything can ... Read More »

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