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  By Ms. Kakoli Ghosh Poets are born every day Thoughts go before us like passing flocks of cranes, Crossing cities, rivers, slanting planes, Villages beyond and familiar lanes- Missing behind the opaque comfort of care, Hurried plans and window panes. Through the moments of rest, it melts On wings of wet birds sitting on cable wires Soaking in the ... Read More »



Poetry by Dr Amitabh Mitra janpath market checking shawls…                                                                                                            janpath market checking shawls, life effervescing then in a close knit pashmina i thought of words written on bargain threads not knowing breaths had sealed then an oddly different sky at a connaught place middle street we kissed life flowed in each other quashed in the shawl within lips ... Read More »

Myths And Their Facts About Dieting

SKIPPING “A MEAL WILL HELP ME IN LOSING WEIGHT” by Tithi Prabhaka 1. MYTH – “SKIPPING A MEAL WILL HELP ME IN LOSING WEIGHT” FACT- This probably is one of the most common and enduring myth, whereas the fact is actually CONTRARY to his myth. If we miss a meal, we get extremely hungry by the time the next meal ... Read More »

The Day He said “Bye Mumma!”

book 2

   Co-Editor Of Indians4Africa Megha Lodha Katariya recounts her own experience of her son’s  Starting school was a big day in our lives and I guess all the more when it’s your first born and only one. I think some of us, these days take parenting very seriously – I do! He was just two and a half years old ... Read More »

Getting Ready For School

As parents prepare to send their children back to school, a lot of attention is focused on buying the best backpack, the cool clothes and just the right lunch box.                                           However, the most important thing a parent can do to get ready for the upcoming school year doesn’t cost a dime. “Creating a plan for two-way communication between parents ... Read More »

A must read letter to University students by a Professor

Dear Student: I Don’t Lie Awake At Night Thinking of Ways to Ruin Your Life… One of the popular myths of higher education is that professors are sadists who live to inflict psychological trauma on undergraduates. Perhaps you believe that we pick students at random and then schedule all our assignments in such a way as to make those students’ lives ... Read More »

Eye Opener

Blind people work together and make parts of Boilers at Trichy for IOCL’s Paradip Refinery project …..… An experience sharing. 21st December 2011 has etched an unforgettable memory in my mind. I was at Tiruchirapalli on a mission to expedite supplies of Boilers at BHEL’s works for Power plant of IOCL’s ongoing Paradip Refinery Project. BHEL has outsourced non-pressure parts ... Read More »

Future Of Education


As every parent will agree, a child’s thirst for knowledge is incessant and insatiable. Exhausted parents often resort to using sedatives to get some relief from the kid’s unstoppable barrage of questions – most popular sedative being the television.We train them to sit still for hours and watch TV, much like how we train them to sit still while potty ... Read More »

Starting School

Staring School is yet another milestone for the young mothers whose 2 or 3 year olds now begin their exposure to the world outside their protective homes. Surely an unnerving feeling for not only the child but the mother too. As I approached the first day of playschool for my two year old this year, I saw myself doing exactly ... Read More »

Healing By Mudras Chaper 2

Palmistry and Yoga mudras

Healing by Mudras is an ancient practice with spiritual seekers in eastern cultures like India and China. The saints and yogis in the ancient times used Mudras to empower them spiritually, to maintain their mind and body balance and to be physically healthy. Mudras are about hand-body, hand-fingers positioning. The human hand and its five fingers are representations of various ... Read More »

Clean Your Kidneys


Years pass by and our kidneys are filtering the blood by removing salt, poison and any unwanted entering our body. With time, the salt accumulates and this needs to undergo cleaning treatments and how are we going to overcome this? It is very easy, first take a bunch of parsley (MALLI Leaves) KOTHIMBIR (DHANIYA) and wash it clean. Then cut ... Read More »

Children Who Won’t Go To School (separation Anxiety)

The timing of separation anxiety can vary widely from child to child. Some kids may experience it later, between 18 months and 2-1/2 years of age.  Some may never experience it…  And for others, there are certain life stresses that can trigger feelings of anxiety about being separated from a parent (e.g., a new child care situation or caregiver, a ... Read More »

An Indian woman is World’s Shortest Woman

Big day for a little: 2ft tall Jhoti dreams of Bollywood acting career after being crowned world’s shortest woman Celebrating your 18th birthday is a momentous occasion for anyone, but for tiny Jyoti Amge the milestone is even bigger news. The 2ft teenager is already a mini celebrity in her hometown of Nagpur, India, but is now set for a huge ... Read More »

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