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Love,loss and life are the themes that weave through this tale of 3 generations of Muslim women living in suburban South Africa. ONION TEARS by Shubnum Khan Generally speaking, I am not the kind to pick up book by new authors. My formula of a good read has always been to pick up a book after it has won all the ... Read More »

Foot Prints


Ajanta Caves are situated in the centre of the state Maharashtra and the city of Aurangabad. The caves are located in the northeast region of the city Aurangabad. These caves are much older than the Ellora Caves. These are very ancient caves around the 2nd century BC to the 6th century AD and also in the list of the earliest ... Read More »

The Finishing Touch

A short story that won the Nadine Gordimer award By Dr Deena Padayachee  The shebeen was full of raucous people having a great old time. But Satha noticed that his friend Muthu didn’t look too happy.  The old man had come into the shebeen a few minutes before and simply plopped down into a chair. He had taken his first drink ... Read More »

From The Editor


Traditional Games were not just games, they are a lot more….   The challenge of proving one’s ability over other person is an age old in-born desire amongst all living beings.  Competing to win over opposite gender, display special skills and hunt & kill for food, survive the nature’s challenges on land/air/water may be the basic invocation in the living beings which ... Read More »

Kho Kho

 view video Kho Kho is an immensely popular sport in India. In some parts of India it is even played on a professional level. Kho kho is very popular with children and is often part of the games class in schools. In Kho Kho, one team kneels on the ground in a line, but with alternate persons facing opposite directions. ... Read More »

Gilli Danda Or Lippa

 view video Gilli Danda or Guli Danda is a very popular game among the children of India. It is played all over the country and can be enjoyed for hours together. Most Indian adults would remember having played gilli danda with their friends in the neighbourhood.                                            To play this game, you need a long stick, and a short stick with ... Read More »

PPR Education

HELP school kids who have to walk up to 9 kms over  hills to reach their school near Durban every day. DONATE new or second hand computers, bicycles, books  etc Siphesihle High School is located among the beautiful rolling hills of  Inchanga/ Hammersdale area at the outskirts of Durban. They have 1113 learners and with no local transport most have ... Read More »

Olympics Indigenous Games

olympics logo1

Imagine a few years from now. The popularity of IPL helps spawn IKL. IKL turns out to be an even greater success, thanks to new novel set of ingredients in it compared to IPL capturing people’s imagination. IKL teams will be smaller and clubs very many. Almost every town and city in India will have clubs and the multi-million dollar ... Read More »


 view video Kabaddi  is an indigenous Indian game. It is a team sport and has been played in India since ages. It requires players to be strong and agile, and does not require any equipment or training. In kabaddi, two teams occupy separate halves of the ground. Then one team sends one player into the other half to try and ... Read More »

Astrological Facts Part II


Most of us visit Astrologers when in distress and try to get some remedial measures from him, to get relief in our current situation. By Ashish Bansal     FUNDAMENTALS OF REMEDIAL MEASURE(S) IN VEDIC ASTROLOGY   Most of us visit Astrologers, when in distress and try to get some remedial measures from him, to get relief in our current situation. ... Read More »

Hamar Cow Jumping – Ethiopia

view video   Around ages 12 through 15, when most boys are worried about being picked last for kickball, Ethiopian boys of the Hamar tribe are expected to make a leap of pure holy-mother-of-pearl faith over a row of cattle.   Hamar Cow Jumping – Ethiopia   Imagine sitting down with your girlfriend’s dad to ask for his daughter’s hand in ... Read More »

Dambe – A Traditional Sport Of Africa

view video   Dambe, also known as Kokawa is a form of boxing associated with the Hausa people of West Africa.   Historically, Dambe included a wrestling component, known as Kokawa, but today it is essentially a striking art. The tradition is dominated by Hausa butcher caste groups, and over the last century evolved from clans of butchers traveling to ... Read More »

India South Africa Business Forum (ISABF)


The india South Africa Business Forum USABF) is being launched in Durban on 29 March 2012 with its objectives to stimulate the business between South Africa and India                                      The india South Africa Business Forum USABF) is being launched in Durban on 29 March 2012  with its objectives to stimulate the business between South Africa and India. This Forum ... Read More »

Being Young And Making An Impact


   view video A young teenager speaks of how she and every teenager can make a difference   At 18, Natalie Warne’s work with the Invisible Children movement made her a hero for young activists. At TEDxTeen she uses her inspiring story to remind us that no one is too young to change the world. Natalie Warne did not let ... Read More »

Collective ‘Stately’ Indian Humor

If you are  from India  you will enjoy this a lot. Bengali One Bengali = poet.Two Bengalis = a film society. Three Bengalis = political party. Four Bengalis = two political parties. More than four Bengali’s = Countrywide agitation to bring Ganguli into Team . Bihari One Bihari = Laloo Prasad Yadav. Two Biharis = booth-capturing squad. Three Biharis = ... Read More »

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