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Eshaan Eshaan Vij writes candidly about peer pressure and the need to find acceptance…

Definition 1: “The act of being accepted or acceptable

Acceptance is probably the most pressurizing aspect of a teenagers life. As a teenager our greatest fear is not being accepted into a society, most importantly by your peers and the opposite sex. We change and more importantly we manipulate our behaviour to mask our true identities, just for the simple pleasure of having a companion by our side.


The reason this occurs is because as Indian expats we are raised in a society that lives and feeds on rebellious attitudes. Being situated in a atmosphere where the norm is to be out partying, involving yourself in e.g. under age drinking and being dependent on technology it is utterly impossible not to be influenced by the surrounding environment and to succumb to its effects.


This leads to my next point that if you don’t “change,” you are instantaneously excluded from the people around you


“Some people find fault like there’s a reward for it.”-Zig Ziglar


Definition 2.    “The act of assenting or believing” 


The fact of the matter is that every single one of us is afraid that we might be rejected for who we are. This creates a negative thought in our mind and we begin to start doubting if our personal traits and character are sociably acceptable. So as we indulge ourselves more and more into this fake personality we become attached to it. this mask we put on (unlike a super- hero) cannot be taken off, and we are changed forever. We become so caught up in trying to be accepted that we forget our true nature, our true charm and our true charisma. The thing is as a teenager we tend to lose focus that the most important acceptance is self-acceptance.  


Personally I had made these very mistakes. At the time it was the (what I thought) the best technique for me to fit in, but I never really could realise why I was constantly disappointed with the outcomes (no matter how good). I could never come to grips with the fact that I was killing myself to make a new-self. Every night I put myself to bed regretting how much I was fighting to just accept (in a word) “me” it forced me to feel disheartened, my mind to feel deteriorated and my body overstrained.


Maybe it was a lack of self-esteem, maybe a lack of self-love or maybe Lack of Support which enforced me to believe that I had to show others what they wanted to see. But Is that really the point of life? I guess what im trying to say is get a kick out of this life, savour who you are, because “Zindagi na Milegi Dobara”.




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