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Saritha Mathur

When was the last dwelt upon a rainbow ? Sarita Mathur does in her inimitable poetic style..


When I saw the rainbow.
I started to think.,
How did it come up so high,
It was like a miracle
In the sky.

After the cleansing effect
Of rain ,
All of us were to gain,
Our Consciousness
even though we were
The rainbow planted a seed
in the
Cosmic Mind.
Light always attracts
The do-er of good deeds.
But wait, I have a
Question to ask.
While I, in the glory of
The rainbow bask.
Who has created this wondrous show,
Is it God taking a bow?
Oh Creation, we might not sometimes know.
Who to turn to and where to go.
We might not understand who you are.
Yet, we see you in
your glory.
You are the sun and the moon bright.
You are the one who
bring us light,
When the sun goes down,
The moon comes up,
Natures Light in every town.
We just have to see,
The rainbow in the sky,
This is not in days gone by
From here upto eternity.
God in his Glory.
I see a rainbow.
smiling at me.
And I know, you are here with me

by Sarita Mathur

0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)

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