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Nidhee Datta
Nidhee Datta, a graduate in Bachelors of Home Science, has been actively involved with her school and college magazines. She is an ardent reader and has been in Africa for more than a decade. She has been a part of organisations that promote Indian music and dance and has a keen interest in sharing the rich heritage of her country with people at large.


Kenya’s gastronomy vibrantly shows signs of various cultures and ethnicities. Up until the arrival of Portuguese, the Kenyans were mostly dependent on cattle for food. The Portuguese brought in maize, bananas, pineapples, chilies, peppers, sweet potatoes and cassava which all then became staple. The British brought in white potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes. The Indians then brought more vegetables and their ... Read More »

Cooking Indo-Kenyan Cuisine.

For the readers of Indians4africa, I present here a compilation of a few interesting recipes that are a combination of Indian and Kenyan flavours. Indians, mainly from the state of Gujarat and Punjab came to Kenya more than a century ago, and with them they brought not only their crops, plants and spices, but also their method of cooking. Following ... Read More »

Where Faith Meets

Faith is a delicate term. For a few, it’s simply a conviction in the higher power and for others it translates into a set of practices and rituals. It is indeed a pleasant feeling  visiting a place which encourages both schools of thought. Makindu Saheb gurudwara (Sikh temple) is one such place. It is situated in the small town of ... Read More »

So This Is What They Say Here In Kenya

JUMP LIKE A MAASAI RUN LIKE A KALENJIN SPEAK LIKE A LUO EAT LIKE A LUHYA BARGAIN LIKE A KIKUYU WORK LIKE A KAMBA DANCE LIKE A GIRIAMA TRAVEL LIKE A MZUNGU TRADE LIKE A MUINDI LIVE LIKE A KENYAN Kenya with all its natural geographic beauty also adorns another beautiful aspect and that is its varied ethnicity. Factually speaking ... Read More »

Green Coloured Passion

The famous poet Edgar Allan Poe said, ʻWith me poetry has not been a purpose, but a passion”. Meeting Pausha Kumar reminded me of these lines, albeit not in the context of poetry but in the context of gardening. Possessing grey fingers to say the least, I have always found myself drawn to people who are so close to our ... Read More »

Euducational Systems in Kenya

Listen to the different educational systems within Kenya … Listen Now Payal Kakkar is the Deputy Head (and class teacher of reception year) of Kindergarten section of Hillcrest International School in Nairobi. She has been residing in kenya since 1986, and has been in the teaching profession for the past ten years. She is passionate about her job and hopes ... Read More »

Foods For Hormones

HAPPINESS: I must be joking! Foods that can make one happy?!? Well, the logic is that we are but slaves of our hormones. Whatever transpires in our minds is nothing but a game played by the endocrine system of the body. I keep reminding myself this fact whenever I am depressed or sad. So my research tells me that if ... Read More »



Do you feel tired and achy during the winter season or have you been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome? If yes, you may be suffering from Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamins as we all know form an important part of our physiology. Thanks to the researches, the human kind is now more equipped with the knowledge of essential vitamins, their functions, ... Read More »


A WAY TO A WOMAN’S HEART….. IS ALSO THROUGH STOMACH! Do we really need to put a date to celebrate woman’s day. Officially (by whom?) and commercially (by all greeting card companies) 8th March is woman’s day and going by the same feeling March can be woman’s month, but isn’t it better if one could choose a day to make ... Read More »


Nairobi, a city abuzz with development and a hub for prominent multinationals for the African continent. It has always been a cosmopolitan city housing various nationalities and cultures, but with recent foreign investments, it has taken the cosmo culture to a new level. And yet, despite all the advancement, new malls and supermarkets thronging the city, there are certain things ... Read More »



Festivals add spice to our life. But to think it through, festivals are a set of practices and its only fair if the practices evolve with time. The practices have to appertain to the era and if the era demands some sort of change for the betterment of the people and the environment, then they should be amended. In the ... Read More »



KUCHH MITHA HO JAYE… (LET THE SWEETNESS FLOW…) Diwali is just round the corner, and ʻsweetnessʼ is associated with Diwali as much as are the firecrackers and the lights. Its the season when every indian household will stock up on their sugars and make delicacies which although laborious but tingle the taste buds like none other sweet. Here is a ... Read More »


The fact that durban is home to the largest number of Indians outside India makes durban a place which is abuzz with festivals and events throughout the year. Durban is a melting pot of cultures, religions, sects and belief systems. This renders durban to be a rich tapestry of festivities and celebrations. Certain festivals are celebrated by all sects and ... Read More »



THE HISTORY OF THE PARALYMPIC GAMES The Paralympic Summer Games are the second largest sporting event in the world today, the first largest being the Olympic Games. In a relatively short time, the Paralympic Winter Games has established itself as a major event on the Olympic calendar. The winter event made its debut in 1976 in Ornskoldsvik, Sweden – but ... Read More »



My whole neighbourhood is brimming with activity, celebration is in the air and I too am feeling good about the fact that Mrs. Khannaʼs daughter is getting married in two weeks time. Our neighbourhood is a big family and its only appropriate that on such occasion everyone is behaving as a family member. So today all my gang is meeting ... Read More »

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