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(Review by Sarita Mathur)

Synchro-destiny… that’s what I call it.
This is a phrase coined by Deepak Chopra in his book(by the same name)
I came across Anita Moorjani’s book on the internet. I was interested in the subject matter but did not immediately purchase it. A few days later I went to Destiny Bookshop in Windermere Centre,Durban and this book just leapt out at me. It was as if it had been placed exactly where I had to stretch my arm out and buy it. So, I did just that and spent the next day reading it.
Not only did I read it once…but again and again…at least a few passages and excerpts which particularly resonated with me.
I had read Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr Brian Weiss and was interested in Past Lives as well as Near Death Experiences. Reading further on the net,I understood that Dr Wayne Dyer had read Anita Moorjani’s article (sent to him by Mira Kelly)and had been so moved by her experience that he contacted Hay House Publishers and asked them to locate Anita. Anita had experienced what he had conceptualized and written about.
He would write the foreword to her book if she was prepared to share her experience of her Near Death Experience, and the lessons learnt from it.
The title of the book is different and appealing.What did it really mean.? I was soon to find out .Anita Moorjani actually died in the physical sense of the word and went into the afterlife, only to come back again ,so that she could lead an authentic Life. She discovered the meaning of True Unconditional Love and the knowledge that she did not need to change in any way in order to be loved and cherished. She could be “who she was ’in this time and place ,enjoying Life to the fullest.
Anita discovered that there was no reason to live in fear. Suffering from fourth degree Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph nodes in 20002, Anita could not breathe without an oxygen mask..In 2006 ,she was rushed into hospital and went into a deep coma. A senior oncologist at the hospital told her husband that Anita would not be able to make it , as her organs were shutting down
Though, Anita was in a coma at that time,she heard the conversation between the doctor and her husband. She felt she was shifting in and out of consciousness.
In Anita’s words , “I realized what a gift Life was .I was surrounded by lovely spiritual beings who were always around me even when I did not know it”
I started to understand that everything going on around us was dependent on this energy around us, created by us’
It’s all about where we are energetically. I realized that if I went back it would be with a very different energy.I would be healthy and my physical body would be healthy”
Anita saw that the tests would say that she died of organ failure if she took the decision to die.
However, if she decided to come back ,the tests would come back as normal”
She would not be judged on the choice she took as each choice was perfect.
While on the other side she saw how her Life had touched all the people she was connected to. Her husbands purpose in Life was linked to hers .She could not let her brother come and see her dead.
After she made to decision to come back, Anita made a remarkable recovery.Doctors made her repeat her tests when they could find no cancer in her body .Anita experience a Near Death Experience.She realized that miracles are possible .At the NDE ,she could change the test results .Nothing is solid or real, she realized .All is energy. Shift your consciousness and the energy will shift as well .Life is supposed to be great .Anita was given a second chance to experience “Heaven on Earth”. During the NDE ,Anita experienced Unconditional Love.
Anita’s story resonated with me.I had taught Reiki and energy healing for the past ten years.Once I learnt how to heal myself and others while channeling this Unconditional Life Force Energy , I realized that our physical bodies are affected by our thoughts and emotions. Cleanse the aura or energy feel around us and the energy will shift leading to deep relaxation and peace.We must always believe in the healing power of Love. By changing our energy ,we change the Life Force around us.
God sends us the Dark Night of the soul so that we can achieve our goal and Reconnect with our Heart.
Anita writes as to how she was always afraid of not belonging. She was always different …being an Indian girl in a British school. She was independent minded but always felt that she did not want to be a problem for her parents and so had to conform .Being an Indian girl in a British school,Anita felt that she was always different.
She had dark hair while the others had blond.
She was from a different religion and feared that she would go to hell because she was not baptised.Anita’s whole life was dominated by fear.
Later in Life,Anita got engaged .However,she broke off the engagement which led to feelings of insecurity.’Why am I always apologising.Why am I not happy with myself and just being myself.
Once her best friend died of cancer ,she got besotted by cancer,She was afraid to die from cancer yet she was afraid to Live.
Thus she attracted the cancer to herself because of fear.
Thus her message is clear:.Be yourself and live fearlessly .Love yourself for who you are.
I could resonate with this as I have also spoken about my experience in my book Once Again ..Love” with the subtitle, Reconnecting with the Heart which has “Love” as it’s central theme.
I loved Anita’s book Dyeing to be Me.
Yes,so many people (even though they do not have Near Death Experiences) use the term “I just want to be myself” or I am dying to just be myself and not put up a front for anyone.
Life throws you challenges and your ability to rise above them and grow makes you victorious.Nobody is ever given more than he or she can handle .You always come out better,stronger,faster.Dyeing to Be Me is written in three sections,detailing Anitas early Life,her NDe experience and later what she has learnt from it.
I would and have recommend this book to many of my friends and am glad that I bought it and can share Anita’s message.
It is a must read.

Dying to be me-Reviewd by Saitha Mathur Listen Now

Title : Dying to be Me
Author : Anita Moorjani

1 vote, 1.00 avg. rating (50% score)

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