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Setting up business in South Africa

Setting up business in South Africa

Setting up business in South Africa
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Aap ka South Africa mein business hai? It’s the question now regularly being asked amoung businessmen and executives in India ATUL PADALKAR explores…

A few years ago, the talk in corporate boardrooms in Europe and America was the newly opened territories of India and China. Like old wives tales, CEOs used to exchange notes sometimes sweet, sometimes funny with their colleagues about what it meant to do business in these lands. Today, we hear similar talks in Indian boardrooms – Aapka South Africa mein koi business hai kya?

As Indian companies realise the opportunities in Africa, more and more Indian expats will be found in Sandton City and Haribhai, exchanging stories about crime and home affairs over Haldiram’s.

South Africa is one of the world’s youngest and most progressive democracies, a multifaceted country with its diverse cultures and languages. It is a country undergoing continual and unprecedented changes and has a rapidly developing emerging market with strong economic growth.

South Africa has several sectors of the economy, including mining and industrial, that rivals the best in the world and has among the most strictly controlled financial services industries.

So what makes South Africa such an interesting place to work and live for Indian nationals?

1. Growth Opportunities: Corporates and Multinationals post their talented middle managers to South Africa – first overseas posting for many. From being lost in the crowd amongst other managers, managers have the chance to shine by themselves.

2. Quality of Life: While home is home, the quality of life in South Africa is better in many ways. Its infrastructure, facilities and access to domestic help set it apart from even the U.S.

3. Part of the Diversity: South Africa is a diversity embracing culture and it is easily possible to fit in, without being lost.

4. Ghar jaisa hai! Yes, you can see the same movie released in India and celebrate festivals as you would celebrate them at home – you get everything here, where friends are family.

Indeed, as more and more expats come and work or do business in South Africa, it becomes home away from home.

ATUL PADALAKAR is a business consultant based in Durban and has helped many companies in India set up shop in South Africa.

Setting up business in South Africa
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