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The Educated Indian


It is said that two things that universally defines an Indian are color of skin (brown skinned people) and our attitude towards education. Out of the two as well, color of skin varies, but not the importance of education in our lives. It’s been part of our roots and cultural upbringing for so long that may be, it’s also become ... Read More »


LEad pic

MTHATHA’ MALAYALIS   Malayali’s ( from the small state of kerala also called Keralites) residing in Umtata,  like to tell us that when the city was renamed as Mthatha, the alphabet M was added to honour  the Malayali’s in the region ! That’s a joke ofcourse. What is not a joke is the contribution, Keralites have made to the region. Like ... Read More »

Mozambique – The Rising Star


Someday Hollywood will read the history of Mozambique and make a blockbuster movie out of it. Consider this story line. A prince from Zimbabwe did a “salt march” a few hundred years before Mahatma Gandhi. Prince Mutota’s (that’s his name) quest was to locate a new source of salt for his kingdom and so he traveled east and came to ... Read More »

……..Your turn to fly


Do young girls grow breasts like how rainflies grow wings?  I was in my home town in Kerala last year on a short visit, when this thought had occurred. The newspaper that day was screaming of yet another women-abuse story. This time a 23 year old medical student, Jagruti wanting to return home after watching a movie, boarded a city ... Read More »

CAPE TOWN – esCape Town

Cape g7

Angela, a slave woman from Bengal India, landed in Cape Town by sea in 1658 (approx. 200 years before Indian indentured labourers arrived in Durban).  She had been bought by the Cape Magistrate and then like a commodity sold a few times from one person to another, as usually happened in the slave trade of those days. What’s unusual about ... Read More »



GOOD BYE 2012 …HELLO 2013… 2012 has been an amazing year. One that bears witness to an idea blossoming into a reality. Today a one year old magazine resembles a lot like a year old baby. Every day arrives with things that amazes, exasperates and eventually gives hours of happiness. Not just for the few of us who are involved ... Read More »



There is an irony about Johannesburg that’s noticed mostly by foreigners visiting South Africa for the first time. Upon landing in Johannesburg, they first notice name of the airport: OR Tambo International Airport. First timers’ curiosity gets them to discover that Oliver Tambo was one of the stalwarts of freedom struggle who had dedicated his whole life for this worthy ... Read More »



The only logic of choosing Durban as the city to settle down appears somewhat dubious: that it’s a city with lot of Indians ( around 0.7 million i.e approx 55% of total indian population in SA & 27% of Durban population). But that is exactly what the Indian I chance to meet a day after landing in Johannesburg told me, ... Read More »



It’s about 2 weeks that London Olympic flames dissolved into the darkness.  Athletes by now have returned to their countries. Those who won medals got treated like superstars, facing umpteen interviews, not just the winner, but his whole family, all his relatives, neighbours and even the dog who had watched him train.  If Michael Phelps was Indian, I bet they ... Read More »



Once upon a time this was a land with many a “once upon a time”. Most nights when the sun went down, bonfires would be lit, and everyone would gather around it. A blabber of voices of excitement and anticipation ensues as everyone settles down in their favourite place. A loud, booming voice of story teller crashes in all of ... Read More »

VICKY DONOR & designer babies


  We just finished watching the Hindi film VICKY DONOR. A well-made film about a sperm donor, that not just entertained but left me with a hypothetical question. Wouldn’t the parents of children conceived using donor sperm in the movie, now feel superior since their kids are bound to be healthier, smarter and with better looks than other kids who ... Read More »

Olympics Indigenous Games

olympics logo1

Imagine a few years from now. The popularity of IPL helps spawn IKL. IKL turns out to be an even greater success, thanks to new novel set of ingredients in it compared to IPL capturing people’s imagination. IKL teams will be smaller and clubs very many. Almost every town and city in India will have clubs and the multi-million dollar ... Read More »

Festival Rush


A dozen festivities packed in these 2 months of March and April, averaging an incredible one every 5 days, creating a period of non-stop excitement for Indians. Makes the country look more like an excited household hosting an elaborate traditional Indian wedding with a function being performed every day for a whole week! Each of these festivals has an incredible ... Read More »

Future Of Education


As every parent will agree, a child’s thirst for knowledge is incessant and insatiable. Exhausted parents often resort to using sedatives to get some relief from the kid’s unstoppable barrage of questions – most popular sedative being the television.We train them to sit still for hours and watch TV, much like how we train them to sit still while potty ... Read More »



2011 has been  a remarkable year for many a reasons, but primarily for the amazing role youth have played. Crowning a decade that saw Youth take centre stage in every facet of our lives, from Silicon Valley to the dusty streets of Tunisia.  Creating revolution in politics, technology, lifestyles, changing the world over and over again.  It’s as if the ... Read More »

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