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The words Feng Shui loosely translated mean, wind and water which means that feng shui affects all aspects of our life. Wind representing the oxygen we breathe or the chi that enhances our lives and water without which we would also not exist it is the life blood of the planet and ourselves. Both of these elements make up the ... Read More »



The long- and middle-distance runners to watch during the London Olympics are from Kenya, a country with a rich tradition of producing elite track athletes. The country won 14 medals four years ago in the Beijing Olympics. Many of the world’s best marathoners have come from a highland region above the Great Rift Valley. There, the famed town of Iten ... Read More »



THE HISTORY OF THE PARALYMPIC GAMES The Paralympic Summer Games are the second largest sporting event in the world today, the first largest being the Olympic Games. In a relatively short time, the Paralympic Winter Games has established itself as a major event on the Olympic calendar. The winter event made its debut in 1976 in Ornskoldsvik, Sweden – but ... Read More »



Mr Bansal explains in simple terms the basic of astrology for common man VEDIC   ASTROLOGY  : HOROSCOPE FACTS AND TOOLS OF PREDICTIVE TECHNIQUE :- In ancient times, when our ‘Rishis’ and learned man looked into the sky , they spotted the different planets against the back-drop of stars and constellations and with divine knowledge, formulated the science of “Jyotish” or ... Read More »


pic for Hindu literature

History of Hindi Literature is as interesting as literature itself. Mr Sharma does an amazing job of recounting salient portions of this history HISTORY OF HINDI LITERATURE Language is the basic science of communication. When the same is scripted by use of a set of words formed by symbols called the letters and arranged in the sequence which is understandable ... Read More »

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Ajanta Caves are situated in the centre of the state Maharashtra and the city of Aurangabad. The caves are located in the northeast region of the city Aurangabad. These caves are much older than the Ellora Caves. These are very ancient caves around the 2nd century BC to the 6th century AD and also in the list of the earliest ... Read More »

Technology is not me!!!

Megha Lodha

By Megha Lodha While we do thank technology for making life easier with every passing day, there are some of us for whom these changes are too much too sudden. Durban – based Megha Lodha Kathariya, shares her views with those who might agree……. Read More »

See thru Technologies

See thru

Have you ever had an embarrassing photo taken of you? Don’t you hate it when someone takes a snap of you when you aren’t looking? Well, if you think how difficult it is to avoid these moments, you have not seen anything yet. Read More »



A Festival to celebrate the “beginning of new age”. Ugadi or Yugadi is one of the most important Hindu festivals which have derived its name from two Sanskrit words: Yug and Adi, meaning Age and New Beginning respectively, which on putting together means “The Beginning of New Age”. The day on which it is celebrated is the start of the ... Read More »



Kavadi, is celebrated around the world between January to February and April to May each year. It is mainly celebrated in Tamil Nadu and all over the world where Tamils and South Indian’s have settled. Although this festival is celebrated by many throughout South Africa’s Zulu Kingdom, the most popular site for viewing is the Sri Shiva temple in Mount ... Read More »

India – Holi, the Festival of Colours


Colour and variety are synonymous with Indian culture, beliefs, and way of life. A country steeped in traditions, India charms and bedazzles all her visitors with a kaleidoscopic rendezvous.Written by Kate Smith Every street, every city and every corner has a story to tell — all you have to do is listen. But it is tradition, culture, and celebrations that ... Read More »

Get the New Year Resolution work for you


10 steps on how to make New Year Resolution for yourself that is guaranteed to succeed. So go ahead make a resolution and check us out. You have nothing to lose. 1) MAKING RIGHT GOALS: Look beyond the din & noise of today and look at yourself 5 years ahead. That helps identify what really matters to you in the ... Read More »

Full On Taste


As we are in the midst of the festive season, what better time to share some of our recipes with our readers. It is that time of the year when calories are not given much notice and we would all love to be in Nigellaʼs shoes! Its christmas season and making cakes and puddings is perfectly in order. Below are ... Read More »

Tribute to all you weirdo’s


A wise person once said, “A weirdo is someone who follows their heart. I’m definitely weird, ain’t nothing wrong with that.”By Natasha Nair In my 18 years of living, I have come across some real weirdo’s. Ones that abbreviate words so much so that I don’t understand what they are saying, for example ‘LSHTYTFOIYC’ which stands for ‘laughing so hard ... Read More »

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