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(A poem from the recently released book ‘Feeling the Way’) The little urchin with sparkling eyes Ran towards my car, Unmindful of the traffic. Lifted a bunch of flowers, and said Fifty rupees only, madam. She smiled innocently Hoping I would pick one. And I did. A hundred rupee note I showed, Give me two, I said. Her smile widened. ... Read More »


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On International Women’s Day 8th March 2013 Come let us celebrate our brave sisters, Phenomenal women, Mothers of the struggle, who rode against the tide of history To create a brave new world… VALIAMMA Fearless warrior for peace even in the face of certain death, your name is emblazoned. NOKUKHANYA LUTHULI Mother of Light, you continue to shine in the ... Read More »

The People Pleaser


The People Pleaser Why do women have the need, Always to please and be liked in every deed. This aim to please is an obsession, a want, To sacrifice time and labour at any cost. And it is not the answer, Said sages old and new, Relinquish this need and be true to you. Self is important, Self respect too. ... Read More »



A beautiful poem written by a teenager about his love and passion, revealing only in the end what this passion is all about. CLICK ON THE TITLE BELOW TO LISTEN Take Me Back   Read More »



Nights will start looking different after readings this moving poetry by Kakoli Ghosh ANYWAY It was night still; or else The glowing stars held fast The fading cloth of dark To their naked bosoms In shame, until the last Of the night, slunk Out of their grip Like a flame, That was never lit. When everybody had left, Fearing detection, ... Read More »



  By Ms. Kakoli Ghosh Poets are born every day Thoughts go before us like passing flocks of cranes, Crossing cities, rivers, slanting planes, Villages beyond and familiar lanes- Missing behind the opaque comfort of care, Hurried plans and window panes. Through the moments of rest, it melts On wings of wet birds sitting on cable wires Soaking in the ... Read More »



Poetry by Dr Amitabh Mitra janpath market checking shawls…                                                                                                            janpath market checking shawls, life effervescing then in a close knit pashmina i thought of words written on bargain threads not knowing breaths had sealed then an oddly different sky at a connaught place middle street we kissed life flowed in each other quashed in the shawl within lips ... Read More »



When was the last dwelt upon a rainbow ? Sarita Mathur does in her inimitable poetic style.. When I saw the rainbow. I started to think., How did it come up so high, It was like a miracle In the sky. After the cleansing effect Of rain , All of us were to gain, Our Consciousness cleansed, even though we ... Read More »

The Age of Technology


The age of technology… for all its information and knowledge at one’s fingertips, this is actually making us strangers to each other. Family members are no longer giving each other undivided attention while friends are talking to other friends, even when they are together. We are in the cocoon generation where the thumb generation keeps clicking and typing and there ... Read More »



PHENOMENAL WOMEN by Sarita Mathur is a beautiful poem and an example of a woman celebrates womenhood…..                                                            PHENOMENAL WOMEN By Sarita Mathur Splashes of colour , I can see, These are the colours of my personality. Bright and cheerful, good taste too, Multi tasking career woman and mother, There is nothing a woman can’t do. Yes, a women is phenomenal In ... Read More »

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