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So This Is What They Say Here In Kenya

JUMP LIKE A MAASAI RUN LIKE A KALENJIN SPEAK LIKE A LUO EAT LIKE A LUHYA BARGAIN LIKE A KIKUYU WORK LIKE A KAMBA DANCE LIKE A GIRIAMA TRAVEL LIKE A MZUNGU TRADE LIKE A MUINDI LIVE LIKE A KENYAN Kenya with all its natural geographic beauty also adorns another beautiful aspect and that is its varied ethnicity. Factually speaking ... Read More »

Travel In Kenya

Africa is the land which has inspired many adventurers for generations. As soon as one hears or reads the word, one makes a visual picture of national parks, safaris, lions, giraffes, African tribes, rich culture, and vast patches of dry lands, desert area and breath-taking views. And when it comes to Kenya, what captures your imagination is beautiful, lovely, magnificent, ... Read More »

For the love of Kalahari


By Siva Madhavan Siva loves travelling, here he details his Kalahari trip.. Before my visit to the Kalahari, my mental image of the landscape was a barren desert of rolling sand dunes with hardly any life form. The reality could not be more different. When I visited the Kaglagadi Trans-frontier Park (KTP) in the northwest corner of South Africa’s Northern Cape ... Read More »

The Smoke That Thunders-Victoria Falls


  Imagine a fast moving 1.7 kms wide river. Now imagine this river falling 108 metres down a massive hole in the ground at the rate of 3 million litres a second.By Sivamani     Imagine a fast moving 1.7 kms wide river. Now imagine this river falling 100 metres down a massive hole in the ground at the rate of 3 million litres a second. No imagination will ever prepare you for the spectacular sheet of water that will greet your eyes when you make the trip to see the Victoria Falls. Victoria Falls is situated in southern Africa, on the Zambezi River, with the Zimbabwe and Zambia international border cutting the river and the ... Read More »

Foot Prints


Ajanta Caves are situated in the centre of the state Maharashtra and the city of Aurangabad. The caves are located in the northeast region of the city Aurangabad. These caves are much older than the Ellora Caves. These are very ancient caves around the 2nd century BC to the 6th century AD and also in the list of the earliest ... Read More »

Amazing Kwazulu Natal


This month Siva takes us to Drakensburg (means “The Dragon Mountains ” in Dutch). Siva provides an exhaustive details  of the best that Drakensburg has to offer.. Whether one is a new comer or an older timer, this province on the east coast of South Africa never ceases to amaze for its natural beauty and varying landscape. From the golden beaches of ... Read More »

Safety And Precautions In Africa


Travellers often ask whether or not it is safe to travel in Africa. All of us have been asked this question. This article gives important tips that travellers should find useful Travellers often ask whether or not it is safe to travel in Africa. Our response is a confident assurance that yes, it is safe. This is especially true if ... Read More »

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