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Gambia is a country in Western Africa and is the smallest country in Africa. The country is less than 48 km wide at its widest point, with a total area of just over 11,000 km²

The Gambia has a liberal, market-based economy characterised by traditional subsistence agriculture. Agriculture accounts for roughly 30% of gross domestic product and employs around 70% of the labor force.
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Country Population: 1,700,000
Country Capital: Banjul
Country Currency: Dalasi


10 things to see and do in Gambia

1. Bintang Bolong
2. Abuko Nature Reserve
3. Bijilo Forest Park
4. The Wassu Stone Circles
5. Markets and Souvenirs
6. Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital
7.  Tanbi Wetland Complex
8. Banjul Square
9. The Coast
10. Georgetown

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