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Much of Mozambique’s economy was devastated by almost thirty years of internal warfare during which millions of Mozambicans were displaced and many thousands killed or maimed by armed strife. Mozambique’s economy is closely integrated with those of southern and South Africa. As linkages have re-emerged since the end of the civil war, transport has again become an important element of the economy and a significant foreign-exchange earner.

Mozambique has a very high agricultural potential, particularly in the fertile northern regions, which makes up for most of the country’s agricultural surplus. The main cash crops are sugar, copra, cashew nuts, tea, and tobacco. Marine products, particularly prawns, are Mozambique’s largest single export. There are large mineral deposits in Mozambique, but exploration has been constrained by the civil war and poor infrastructure. Minerals currently being mined include bauxite,  gold,  granite, bentonite, marble, coal and gemstones.

Country Population: 20,366,795

Country Capital: Maputo

Country Currency: Mozambican metical


Top Ten Things to Do in MOZAMBIQUE

1. Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park

2. Gorongosa National Park

3. Local Fare

4. Montes Chimanimani

5. Ilha de Moçambique (Mozambique Island

6. Archipelago das Quirimbas

7. Ponta de Ouro

8. Lago Niassa

9. Angoche

10. Manica



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