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The main industries include food processing, mining, cement, artificial fertilizer, chemicals, textiles, refining imported petroleum, and tourism. Exports include fish, chemicals, cotton, fabrics, groundnuts, and calcium phosphate, and the principal foreign market is India at 26.7 percent of exports (as of 1998). Other foreign markets include the US, Italy, and the UK. Because of the erratic climate, output is highly variable, forcing the Senegalese government to increasingly look to irrigation.  Most farmers combine cash cropping with the production of grain for domestic consumption, the emphasis shifting according to the weather. Food processing- primarily groundnut processing – is the most important industrial sub-sector; the textile industry, which produces mainly for domestic consumption, is based on cotton ginning.
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Country Population: 11,658,000
Country Capital: Dakar
Country Currency: West African CFA franc

SENEGAL’s Top 10

1. Dakar
2. Lac Rose
3. Île de Gorée
4. Visit the many Beaches
5. Fathala Reserve
6. Saint Louis
7. Stone Circles
8. Keur Moussa
9. Sine Saloum Delta
10. Bassari Country

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