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Togo’s economy is heavily dependent on both commercial and subsistence agriculture, which provides employment for 65% of the labor force. Cotton, coffee, and cocoa together generate about 30% of export earnings. Togo is self-sufficient in basic food goods when harvests are normal, with occasional regional supply difficulties. In the industrial sector, phosphate mining is no longer the most important activity, as cement and clinker export to neighbouring countries have taken over.Large-scale mining of phosphate deposits at Akoumapé (in the southeast) began in 1963 and is now Togo’s most important industry. Small quantities of chromite, bauxite, limestone, and iron ore are also mined, and marble is quarried. The country’s other industries consist mainly of agricultural processing, handicrafts, and the manufacture of basic consumer goods.
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Country Population:6,100,000
Country Capital: Lome
Country Currency: West African CFA franc

Togo’s Top 10

1. Voodoo Fetish Market
2. Le Grand Marché
3. Baguida and Avepozo
4. Aného
5. Agbodrafo.
6. Kpalimé
7. Sokodé:
8. Koutammakou
9. Réserve de Sarakawa
10. Caves of Nano and Maproug

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