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Tunisia has an economy ranging from agriculture, mining, manufacturing, petroleum products and tourism. The industrial sector is mainly made up of clothing and footwear manufacturing, production of car parts, and electric machinery. Although the mining, energy, tourism, and manufacturing sectors of the economy are important, and the country has become increasingly middle class, over half of Tunisia’s workers are engaged in farming. The agricultural sector, however, accounts for less than 15% of the GDP. The leading crops are olives, wheat, barley, tomatoes, citrus, sugar beets, dates, and almonds. Livestock raising and fishing are also important. Because irrigation is inadequate, agricultural production varies widely according to rainfall Tunisia’s industries produce textiles, leather, steel, and foods and beverages.
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Country Population: 10,102,000
Country Capital: Tunis
Country Currency: Tunisian doollar


Tunisia’s  top 10

1.Roman ruins at Carthage
2.White and blue town of Sidi Bou Said
3.Holy city of Kairouan
4.Desert movie locations near Tozeur
5.Chott El Jerid salt lake
6.Sidi Driss ‘Star Wars’ Hotel in Matmata
7.Lezard Rouge train through Seldja Gorge
8.Archaeological sites of Dougga and Bulla Regia
9.El Djem amphitheater
10.Mosaics at Bardo Museum, Tunis

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