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Comments from our readers:

I got this site from my buddy who shared with me about this web
site and at the moment this time I am visiting this website and reading very
informative posts at this time. – Mr. L. Valdes

Dear Mohan ji,
A well written article, it was informative, the attempt of drawing an analogy between the Aryan (supposedly) and Malayali (Dravidian) is amazing attempt. In between the punctuating remarks Xhosas and their Ubuntu culture which I reminiscint of our Indian Jaat Paat was interesting – Devendra Sharma

Interview is informative. Questions are specific and short. High Commission explained the opportunities and possibilities in a simple language that made an outsider like me to get the feel of the place. Interviewer’s emphasis on prawn was an immediate connection of foodie Bangali that is a commonly found across globe.

And finally, this is almost perfect audio interview in terms of content with some technical problems. Maybe a simple soft ware can remove the external noise and the cut sounds.

For me, the 1st impression of i4a is enriching.

Thanks for sharing -Tara.F

Simple, Informative, and reflects positive thoughts about Mozambique.-Sumit Chauhan
(Mozambique Newsletter)

I enjoyed reading all of your posts your blog contain a lot of valuable information. You have done a nice job.-Louis
(Land of oppitunities)

“Healing By Mudras” – Good to know that we are sharing such vital information like this. – Kumar

It is about time that Genda Equation is starting to be equalised and recognised by all , that Women are equal to Men no matter what  .
A great article {“……..Your turn to fly”} -James.P

I salute you for the cause you stand for. It brings out another face of you to me.-Dr Varma

Well written and thought provoking  {“……..Your turn to fly”}. – Saritha

very , very good article {“……..Your turn to fly’}.  Kudos to u for collecting so much information.-Rehka

This is amazing…….. Absolutely brilliant!!!

I am sooooo glad that I read this otherwise I would have missed reading such an amazing stuff…

I almost had goose bumps at some part of the article… Really feel lucky to be raised in such a protected atmosphere and amazining people around…..

Something that is comendable is the amount of knowledge which you collected from all the parts & it has been put together in such a beautiful manner…

All the very best… Waiting for more to read :) - Pooja Nair

I really liked the march edition….
The showstopper always is the photography section… Amazing pics…. :)

I was about to junk it and luckily did not…

This is a wonderful website particularly for an unsocial person like me.

It gives a snap shot and interesting articles.

Need to think on how to contribute…


Prasad DOLE

Simply  wanna  remark  on few general things, The website  pattern  is perfect, the  content material  is  really   excellent  : D – Grant.K

Congratulations on bringing out the current issue in a very refreshing manner.

After coming to Hyderabad I had a bit of liesure today morning and the first thing was to fix the itch of going through the emagazine. I loved the “Jugaad” conversation, it was a very nicely done and should find a place on the Youtube.

If I am allowed to just share one thing that I felt while listening was that none of the speakers touched upon the fact that this concept is a representation of Dynamism, Jugaad makes the world tick in these places of paucity of resources, irrespective of the ugliness or tardiness in its appearance and performance.  For these underdeveloped and undernourished, moving to the sophisticated shape and size of their surrounding will remain a dream, there would never be a perfect place on earth, for that matter, even in the developed countries there still would be areas called slums, ghettos and harlems.  The sense of Jugaad will always reside there as it does in the countries of abundant scarcity.

The conversations recorded on Cape Town, the book presentation of Sarita, Editorials were all Top Class.  Congratulations to Mohan, Sumit, Ramesh, Sarita and the complete team.  Well done keep it up.


Devendra Sharma

Good listening.I am sure many more people will come to Cape Town, not only to enjoy sightseeing but for investment and trade purposes as well. A good over-view of Life in Cape Town – S.Mathur

Best place on earth! Thanks for the informative article :)  – Romina

Dear Editor-saab – well written.. However i would like to defer with you on one of your statements above..   “Yet, only the year that follows generally gets all the limelight. The poor year that has just gone by, goes into the cold room of the past.”   I think the previous year gets a lot of limelight especially at the end of that year.. This happens by way of the much awaited (by many) TOP OF……   Top 100 songs of 2012, Top 10 people of the year, Top 10 movies of the year, Top 10 flops of the year, Whose marriage is on the rocks, whose marriage is still rocking (mostly from entertainment industry), Top 10 gadgets of last year, Top 15 bloopers of the year…………………… aisaa aisaa aisaa..   All that the forthcoming new year gets is much drinking in the name of festivities and parties..   Agree..?? -Manaadiar

First person to dream about McDonald’s when holding a fish in the hand.. Worthy of a National Award philum.. Philum title – “The Dumb Woman and the Yellow Tail”..–Manaadiar

I was very impressed with the various articles. the travel and Businees as well as the Inspoiration artcles intrigued me

well done – Judgeesh.D


Good Day Thank you for this very informative magerzine,my  friend recommended me to this site and I told every1 I know-keep up the good work - Sadhvir

I love this site the recipes are great and very tasty-K.Singh

Amazing site keep up the good work.its so comforting to see south Africans taking pride in their heritage and doing so much good from it -Hazel

The site is lovely yet I can’t help but notice that it is purely south african based ……mayb if yourl can expand the information to other parts of africa so that will make it more interesting and show how they practice there religion within their respective communities.- Nicole

Keep up the work,Indians4Arica!!!I like the title-why don’t yourl include a food section of where to eat in durban and other countries??so people know where to go when travelling-Mrs L.Kisten

Its great to see that people actually care about connecting with others.I love this mag (: -Annika

I couldn’t help but notice that there is no movie review section on the different cultural films released to teach youngsters about hinduism -Namrita

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