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Aunty Rao: Habit Wise

Aunty Rao: Habit Wise
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The stillness in the cloudy weather is indicating that it will start raining in a few moments.

Standing in my balcony, I am enjoying the dark clouds when my thoughts are interrupted

by a phone call.

Hello Auntyʼ said Neha, ʻIts a beautiful weather, I am calling everyone to come to my

apartment for a cup of tea and bhajias, hope you are not busy, please join us

This is ausual practice in my block of flats and its always a delight to sit together.

In a few minutes I find myself in Nehaʼs apartment among my feisty gang of ladies. Amidst

the chirping and repartee, I cant help but notice jugs of water with some leaves in them on

the dining table and in the balcony.

ʻIs that some kind of special water, neha?ʼ, I ask.’

Yes Aunty, I usually keep small jugs of water with tulsi leaves in every room. It helps to

remind myself and the rest of the family to drink water, and tulsi adds its medicinal

properties. I have been doing it for many years now and I must say it really helps in

keeping the seasonal infections away.

That is something wonderful that I have learnt today. Our usual day has umpteen number

of tasks that need to be accompalished and putting a few practices in place can help make

our lives better and more productive

ʼ, I cant help but say. And thus starts a tete-a-tete…

Manisha, I dont think I have ever mentioned this, but I have learnt something from youʼ

said Dipti. And all of us look at Dipti.

ʻAfter watching Manisha do it, I have started keeping

a duster in each cupboard in the kitchen. Every time I take out a jar or container from the

cupboard, I take the duster and wipe it before keeping it back. And that way, my jars and

containers do not accumulate dust. A small habit of keeping a wiping cloth near the jars

has reduced the effort to a minimum..

Hmmm, that reminds me of a habit that I inculcated from Nandiniʼ, exclaimed Bela

Oh is it!ʼ said Nandini looking very intrigued as to what could Bela be referring to. Bela


ʻ Nandini has a habit of clearing her handbagʼs clutter on a daily basis. She

does it when she watches TV, isnt it Nandini?’

Oh yes I do that on a daily basis. We all collect so much stuff in our handbags everyday

like receipts, certain papers, and with small kids, I keep putting everything in my bag that

they hand to me, so my bag was always a rucksack rather than a handbag. I therefore

associated watching series on TV with cleaning of my handbag, and now my handbag gets

a clean up every evening at 8:30 pm sharp which is the time my favourite show starts and

after the show my bag is fresh for the next day

ʼ, said Nandini’

It may not sound to be such an important habit, but being a mom of two small kids, I have

so much on my platter that things like an overstuffed bag is a last priority. And now that I

have associated this task with my activity of watching TV which by the way is only for half

an hour a day, my bag is more organised and all the things from the bag reach their place

on a daily basis. Its all about making associations between things so that we dont forget

things.ʼ Bela said.ʻ

I must also acknowledge that my kids have developed a wonderful habit from Diptiʼs kidsʼ,

said Nandini.ʻ Diptiʼs both boys have a habit of rinsing their mouth whenever they eat

chocolate or sweets. So when ever they were playing with my kids, they would keep

asking for water, and so would my kids. And now my kids dont like chocolate or sweets

sticking to their teeth, and thus keep rinsing their mouth after they eat any such things.

This way I dont have to worry about their teeth getting affected

ʼ, Nandini informed everyone.ʻ

And do you know what we all have learnt from Aunty Rao?ʼ asked Bela. I looked at her

inquisitively.ʻWe have learnt that there is no age for learning and that learning can never

stop. It is inspiring to see that you imbibe new things easily and although you are more

experienced than all of us, yet you make us feel that you too are learning from usʼ.

I was touched on hearing this.

ʻYou are right Bela, I love to learn new things because this

keeps me evolving into a better human being. If I dont do this, I will feel stagnant and you

must remember that its the flow that keeps everything fresh and green! I want to add life to

my years and not the other way roundʼ I said.“Isn

ʼt this amazing that I have actually become aware of such easy and helpful habits in

about half an hour” said Neha excitedly.ʻ

Every individual is a little world in himself. No matter how different one is from another,

there are still so many things that one can imbibe from the other. Its all a matter of how

open your eyes, ears and most importantly the heart is to accept any new things in life.

And that is the key to keep yourself young and happening

ʼ I reiterated with a smile.ʻ

Hey, hey at this point I feel its a good habit to be open to such impromptu tea parties, isnt

it?!?!ʼ said Dipti giggling.

The clouds had finally burst open and it was pouring heavily outside. The ambience inside

Nehaʼs apartment was that of warmth and laughter and everyone was enjoying their hot

cup of tea with equally hot bhajias. I could not help but feel that open hearts and minds

can make life so much easier and wonderful. Habits are what define oneʼs life style and to

pick a good one and drop a bad one, although not as easy as it sounds, can become easy

only if our minds and hearts are open to change and change usually takes us forward!

Aunty Rao: Habit Wise
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