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The benefits of mediation is well known. Now Sahaja Yoga Meditation conducts free meditation program in large number of cities in South Africa


Sahaja Meditation is meant for everyone who desires to find his or her true self, which is full of peace, joy of life and love for others. It is not just a book or a set of exercises but a living science that will open up to you gradually as your meditations become deeper and your experience stronger and more fulfilling.
Through a simple five-minute experience called ‘Self-realisation’ – an experience which is now being enjoyed by people of all cultures, denominations, ages and income groups in over 100 countries round the world – every individual is enabled to become his own ‘master’ and to be able to stay in balance, recharge his depleted energy, and become more joyful, creative, aware, peaceful, and compassionate, while being more productive in the workplace and a better team worker
Sahaja Meditation classes are held in over 120 countries around the world and are always provided free of charge.
The benefits of Sahaja Meditation
General health improves Physical, mental and emotional.
The root causes the disease are cleansed from the subtle system.
Relief from the symptoms of stress by:
 Raising the individual’s stress threshold
 Changing the internal reactions to the external stimuli that cause stress
 Having the ability to remain balanced and clear-headed in stressful situations
 Neutralizing the effects of aggression, frustration and anger in others around us.
 Improving sleep patterns.
Habits and addictions Drop away effortlessly without having to be given up or going through withdrawal symptoms.
Communication skills Improve, leading to improved relationships with others.
Focused attention and better concentration Leading to improved study and workplace skills.Self-esteem, self confidence and inner sense of security all improve.
Inter-cultural integration Sahaja Meditation brings about a true integration of all the major cultures of the world by overcoming all the divisive forces which are tearing the very fabric of societies all over the world.
Emancipation of humanity By bringing about an inner transformation of human beings, the benefits of Sahaja Meditation accrue not only to the individual, but to society, to the nation and ultimately to the whole of humanity
We have found that children practicing Sahaja Meditation develop a beautiful reverence for goodness, for practicality and for righteousness. They maintain a bright, positive attitude toward life long after children of similar ages begin to show signs of encroaching cynicism and disillusionment. Sahaja Meditation has been taught in schools, daycares and related facilities for more than 20 years. We cannot immediately change the outside situation but we can change our self from within. Why to look outside for a solution, when it resides within our SELF. Here are a number of improvements that a student can develop by practicing Sahaja Meditation:  The liver gets relieved of the heat generated due to mental tensions so our temper calms down.  As our attention improves we are able to grasp the lessons better.  The memory also improves, thus enabling us to retain what we learn!  Our physical health improves.  There are no more headaches, nervousness, depression, and lack of self-confidence or restlessness.  The creativity is heightened. If you are good at some art like drawing or music or singing you can reach the peak of your capabilities.  But most importantly we become peaceful and joyous.
We are available for the free presentations and follow-ups to the following  Corporates  Community o Sahaja Meditation at schools o Sahaja Meditation in prisons o Sahaja Meditation on air o Sahaja Meditation on stage o Sahaja Meditation at fairs & festivals o Outdoor Meditation  Health  Request a meditation class (7 weeks Beginners session)
Contact Details:
 Cape Town – Paul Barberton (0836680 958)
 Durban – George Naidoo (083 2536 790)
 Johannesburg – Kerry Mulryan (079 8823 588)
 Port Elizabeth – Segi Moodley (082 5885 671)
 Pretoria – Sanjay (082 4654 122)
 Richards Bay – Thava (082 8016 777)
 Pietermaritzburg – Preben (082 4671 486)
 Mpumalanga – Kantu Mpotulo (083 7502 947)


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