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Sharmaji – that’s how he was called by most of the people. After I met him for a few occasions, I found the ‘ji’ after surname quite boring. Choosing to be different, I found him once in a golf course hiting a ball straight (for a change !), and in a sense of applause, patted him with these words – “sharma devendra-ji (with lot of dramatic modulations, of course), what a great shot ….”. I call him that way since then especially when I am happy with his company. And, actually, I don’t have to call him any other way till now.

Sharma DevendraJI, as mentioned by him, will be leaving this beautiful country to start another innings in Indian soil. In his excitement of the new assignment and also while cherishing exotic moments of his brief stay in South Africa, he gave me a generous parting gift. And that is, an unconditional right to avail this space of the eZine! He did not sing me the Rabindra Sangeet   ” …For you, it’s a beginning / for me, it’s an ending …..”. Therefore, I did not have to shoot back to him borrowing from the same poet  ” …. how do you sing thy song ….”.  Keep well Sharma Devendraji and stay in touch.

I sat beside i4a team while they were constructing this edition and picked up their ideas, philosophy and modus operandi. We decided that we would try to focus specific cities or countries in Africa and bring out the best (also not so good!) things of the place. Durban has become first choice not because my conscience was pricking – if the editorial team had picked up this city because they were lazy to venture into other cities and countries, but just that this is such a lovely city to be in (and also, i4a headquarter is in Durban!). Mohan has already explained in more details.

May I seek only one indulgence from our readers and viewers? If you allow me, and please allow me, to request you to give us your feedback by way of suggestion, information and criticism (though like many people, I don’t like bitter chocolate ;P).

More of my stories will appear in the October edition.

Till then, good bye !

0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)

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Sumit Banerjee
"By profession, Sumit is a corporate junkie with all necessary qualifications to stay aloft the ladder. He enjoys reading, travelling and creative writing immensely. He is a golf-crazy foodie as well, who enjoys exploring great food joints, among other things. He is also a reluctant cook whose culinary experiments often turn topsyturvy - resulting in some write-ups that make the readers double over with laughter, though the cook finds it difficult to swallow the food"

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