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Diamond in the Rough

Diamond in the Rough

Diamond in the Rough
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Listen what successful businessmen, researchers and entrepreneurs have to say about opportunities and challenges of doing business in Mozambique
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Manoj Sodhani, a qualified Chartered Accountant from India, first Landed in Mozambique in March 2004 and since then progressing along with ‘Rising Mozambique’ (to put it in his words). He has earlier worked for one of largest trading companies in Mozambique and subsequently engaged himself in a company that focused on the business of cargo scanning. For last 5 years, he has been working for an organisation dealing in Natural Resource.

Vineet Bhardwaj has been born and brought up in India. He has been in service for last 14 years post his MBA degree. Vineet has been working abroad for 9 years out of which 7 years have been in Mozambique. He specialises in brand management, trade marketing and distribution streams.

Lilantha Nugawela has more than 20 years of experience in the shipping industry. He has been in Mozambique for last 5 years and working as the Branch Manager of one of large international shipping and logistics companies. He specializes in movement of cargo to/from Mozambique and other hinterland areas.

Mr Moochikal (Ramesh) has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and Masters in Business from University of Bombay and XLRI Respectively. Ramesh has established a distinguished career in the Agri/Food Commodities sector in Africa for the past 20 years. He has lived and worked extensively throughout Africa and is currently responsible for Southern and Eastern African operations. MDR has worked close to farmer groups, worked alongside government programs, set up and run logistics, processing operations and distribution structures in African markets. He is often consulted by banks, government structures, NPOs and by businesses.MDR lives in Durban with his wife and 2 daughters and enjoys weekend Squash and Cricket.

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Diamond in the Rough
2 votes, 3.50 avg. rating (73% score)

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